ICIS Mexico Energy Report FAQs

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Why Mexico?

The energy sector of the fourth largest economy in the Americas is about to undergo a dramatic transformation following reforms signed into law by the government over 2013-2014. Legislation removing the monopolies over the power, oil and gas sectors enjoyed by state run companies is gradually being implemented, laying the foundations for greater private and international investment in all areas of the energy supply chain.

The reforms present a unique opportunity for energy companies, given the size of the market and its thirst for energy. Mexico's gas demand is expected to grow by over 60% through the next decade while power consumption doubles. Such demand looks set to provide ample business opportunities for oil and gas producers, power generators, EPC companies and traders, as Mexico looks to import commodities, capital and technology in a bid to transform the national economy.

What does the MER cover?

The latest news and analysis on Mexico's gas and power markets, including project updates, new regulations and market development models. Demand drivers, new market entrants and prices will also be looked at in-depth, providing an insight into the energy investment and trade opportunities opening up in Mexico.

When will the report be launched?

The first issue of the Mexico Energy Report will be launched on May 6th, and published on a fortnightly basis thereafter.

What kind of pricing information is included in the report?

The monthly first hand sales gas price issued by Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) and the US Henry Hub prices used to formulate that price will be included in every issue.

How can I receive the report?

For information on subscribing to the report, please contact energysales@icis.com

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