The ICIS German Spot Forecast is a highly predictive tool for German energy market players

The German Spot Price Forecast predicts prices for the German day-ahead market, meeting the needs of traders and analysts by providing a robust forecast that utilises past learning and applies it to current market fundamentals. To create each forecast, ICIS uses neural network methodology which utilises sophisticated algorithms, backed by analyst insight, to build more reliable price forecasts - even when markets are volatile.

Ideal for traders and analysts, the German Spot Price Forecast supports daily decisions, helps to anticipate opportunities in the German day-ahead market, and take advantage of volatility brought on by the increasing usage of renewable energy.

What's included?
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Benefits at a glance

  • Accurate: predictions are closer to actual prices and take into account unexpected volatilities
  • Robust: forecasts remains effective even during consumption peaks or adverse weather
  • Agile: users can view, compare and manipulate data to suit their own requirements
  • Easy to use: all the data is in one place and fully downloadable
  • State-of-the-art: algorithms continuously add new data and go on learning and increasing accuracy over time

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