Daily prices, analysis and news for the Dutch gas markets and TTF hub

ICIS publishes daily pricing expertise for continental Europe’s most important gas market, the Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF).

Our coverage provides market participants with benchmark gas price assessments, indices, analysis and news for the TTF as part of our comprehensive daily European Spot Gas Markets coverage. European Spot Gas Markets not only provides a complete picture of the TTF, but also supplies readers with robust and independent insights into 12 additional established and emerging European gas markets, including the British NBP, the German NCG and hubs in Austria, the Czech Republic and Italy.

With more than 20 years’ experience of reporting on the European gas market, ICIS ensures subscribers have all the information they need to trade natural gas, analyse market developments and stay ahead of the competition.

The ICIS gas markets coverage for the Dutch TTF hub provides you with:

  • Four daily indices TTF: Day-ahead, monthly, monthly cumulative and daily monthly ahead
  • 35 benchmark price assessments, including Day-ahead, Front-month, Front-quarter, Front-season and Front-year - an unrivalled range of TTF prices
  • Assessments converted from €/MWh to $/MMBtu to allow easy comparisons to other key gas markets
  • Volatility indices for all key assessed prices at TTF
  • Unique intra-day price updates for the TTF, NBP and NCG, providing subscribers with the first over-the-counter (OTC) prices of the day at lunch-time
  • Early closing price assessments for all key hubs, ensuring readers have access to the first view of closing market prices
  • Daily news stories on the latest developments in the market and on factors driving the price of gas
  • A detailed list of European OTC trades, listed by volume and range
  • Market commentary and analysis on the latest developments
  • Historical pricing information for the TTF hub, dating back to 1998

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Latest TTF news

Netherlands plays safe with 2022 Groningen gas cap of 12bcm

Annual natural gas production from the Netherlands’ giant Groningen field will fall to 12 billion cubic meters (bcm) by October 2022 and eventually... Thu, 29 Mar 2018

Dutch TTF opens bullish as gas market braces for new Groningen cap

Dutch TTF natural gas prices have risen in anticipation of a government decision on how fast to further reduce domestic production, but may come off... Tue, 27 Mar 2018

Updated: Fears of a second wave of Siberian cold hike UK gas, power

The below article was updated to include UK power market comment and data. Forecasts of a second blast of cold air from Siberia drove British... Mon, 12 Mar 2018

ICIS view: Ukraine should model Britain when gas runs short

The last week has seen the natural gas hubs of Europe stretched to their limits, assuming high prices are a fair measure of market tightness. At... Tue, 06 Mar 2018

EU continental natural gas prices soar as big freeze persists

TTF Within-day price hits €120.00/MWh Dutch exports to Germany slashed Northern French grid extremely short of gas Italy struggles to attract... Thu, 01 Mar 2018

ICIS Infographic: Comparing natural gas prices as Europe and Asia compete for US LNG

ICIS Infographic: Comparing natural gas prices as Europe and Asia compete for US LNG

This infographic looks at recent gas price developments in various regions and the destinations of nascent US LNG exports so far.

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