An Industry in the Re-Making: ICIS China Petroleum Annual Report 

A must-have publication for international players, offering a comprehensive review and outlook for China’s petroleum industry.

2014 was a tough year for Chinese oil market participants, as demand growth slowed to just 1.1%, the lowest level since the year 2000. However, 2015 is expected to bring recovery and even new opportunities.

As China’s oil industry begins to respond to new policies, shifting supply/demand balances and technological advances, the ICIS China Petroleum Annual Report provides crucial insights into this transforming industry and answers the following fundamental questions:

  • If domestic demand has slumped, why are crude import levels still growing?
  • In an oversupplied market, how are domestic independent refiners making money?
  • Was 2014 the low point for the Chinese oil market, and what caused it?
  • What impact will alternative energy vehicles have on Chinese energy demand?
  • Why are gasoil exports from China soaring?
  • What’s the fastest-growing source of crude imports to China?
  • Will Chinese oil demand rescue the collapsing oil prices in 2015?

Key information included:

  • A comprehensive overview of key developments in the Chinese oil industry
  • Critical supply and demand data and analysis up to 2019 for all petroleum products – gasoline, naphtha, gasoil, kerosene and jet fuel
  • Detailed analysis of domestic crude production, plus a breakdown of import sources and trends
  • A review of China’s complex refining industry (state-run and independent refineries)
  • A comparison between regional and international markets
  • A look into logistics and infrastructures in China

This ICIS report will help you:

  • Identify risk and opportunity in a China’s rapidly evolving oil industry
  • Understand recent developments in government policy, domestic demand, regional dynamics and trading patterns
  • Gain valuable insight into the drivers behind the 2014 oil crash
  • Accurately plan your trading, financing or investment strategy up to 2019
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About ICIS

With over 30 years in the industry, ICIS is recognised in China and internationally as a leading source of market information. Our insights on China’s oil markets provided by our local-based experts in the region, combined with the expertise of our global analytical team, ensure global players receive unrivalled and independent data and analysis of the Chinese petroleum market