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What is ICIS Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis allows traders to focus on price action, overlooking other measures of perceived value and focuses on where the price is and for how long an existing trend could persist. On the other hand, fundamental analysis tries to establish the perceived value of a product.

Combining key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid power and gas markets, alongside fundamental factors, ICIS Technical Analysis gives a rounded outlook ahead of the day’s trading.

What’s offered?

  • Daily snapshot in advance of markets opening in Europe, so you’ll have enough time to consider your position
  • Combination of key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid power and gas markets, and fundamental factors to give you a rounded view
  • Easy to digest briefings that provide that all-important second opinion and independent expert input
  • Evaluate market moves and developments more objectively with both fundamentals and technical analysis

How ICIS Technical Analysis can support your trading decisions

Too much information to get through

Not enough time

No back up

Over-reliance on fundamentals


Why choose ICIS?


Better market coverage:
ICIS lead the gas and power markets on fundamentals, and we see a higher volume of trades than other price reporting agencies do currently, so we have the most complete baseline to undertake technical analysis.

A powerful combination:
We are the only provider with the ability to mix our respected editorial knowledge on fundamentals with qualified expertise in technical analysis. That means you get the very best of both.

Focused on value:
We understand where the value lies - so we don’t attempt to cover technical analysis for all markets. Instead we focus on the core liquid markets with the most impact.

High quality analysis, daily:
You’re pushed for time and don’t want to waste it on irrelevant data. We give you the right information in a concise format, as you need it.

How can I access ICIS Technical Analysis?

The ICIS Technical Analysis service is part of the European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) and European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) subscription.

ICIS European Spot Gas Markets report (ESGM)

The benchmark report for European natural gas

  • Proprietary indices, intra-day price assessments and volatility indices
  • Latest news, trends and expert analysis on market developments
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Daily summary of cargo arrivals and real-time updates
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ICIS European Daily Electricity Markets report (EDEM)

In-depth coverage of Europe’s power sector

  • Daily and weekly over-the-counter (OTC) price assessments
  • Independent price assessments and indices
  • Power plant outages, renewable energy output forecasts and weather forecasts
  • Latest market developments, news and expert analysis
  • Technical and fundamental analysis
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