ICIS China LNG Supply/Demand & Investment Opportunities Report

A comprehensive report covering the Chinese LNG import market – with supply and demand analysis for its seven major regions and provinces.

The liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in China is becoming increasingly attractive to international players due to the introduction of the country's gas import source diversification policy. With this import liberalisation, market experts are expecting China's LNG import volumes to exceed South Korea's by 2018.

Taking advantage of the market situation, privately owned companies in China are now starting to invest/build liquefaction and terminal plants.

Changes in China's LNG import policy means opportunities for international companies

The ICIS China LNG Supply/Demand & Investment Opportunities Report gives a detailed view of the LNG demand outlook for China – broken down by 24 key provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. In addition, it provides important information on domestic policies, infrastructure developments and other key factors for consideration when making investment-related decisions.

This valuable insight allows international companies to identify investment opportunities and which route to prioritise to take full advantage of China's import policy.

Key information included:

  • Comprehensive view of the investment opportunities in China's LNG industry
  • Analysis of potential LNG profits – domestic production vs import
  • China's LNG industry policies including the local-foreign partnership business model
  • Review and outlook of China's LNG supply, demand and import levels
  • LNG supply, demand and consumption for 24 key provinces in China
  • LNG infrastructure and distribution framework including construction progress of LNG terminals

This ICIS report will help you:

  • Gain accurate and detailed insight on the Chinese LNG market
  • Identify and evaluate potential LNG investment opportunities in China
  • Know which provinces/ports to target based on the country's consumption and distribution network
  • Understand domestic policies, regional dynamics and what they mean for investors
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