LNG daily and weekly reports

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ICIS offers independent and highly regarded coverage of the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets.

ICIS publishes the widest range of price assessments for the LNG spot market in our daily and weekly reports. We also include a comprehensive list of trade activities, market analysis, latest news influencing prices and LNG shipping data.

  • LNG Markets Daily report (Mondays to Fridays)
  • Global LNG Markets report (Every Thursdays)

Our LNG reports coverage include:

  • 24 DES prices for the world's busiest LNG destinations
  • 8 FOB prices for the key-producing regions
  • Northwest Europe and Spain FOB reload prices
  • East Asia index – calculated using Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan prices
  • 4 other regional indices – South America, the Mediterranean, northwest Europe and Iberia, Middle East and North Africa
  • Historical prices (from 2010) downloadable via the ICIS Dashboard
  • In-depth weekly coverage of the Australian domestic gas market
  • LNG charter rates and shipping costs for both steam and tri-fuel diesel electric vessels
  • LNG vessel availability and tanker movements
  • News and trading activities – bids, tenders, negotiations and confirmed deals
  • Weekly round-up and expert analysis

How can you benefit from our reports?

  • LNG traders, producers and buyers - our independent LNG prices and insights provide transparency over spot market activities, strengthening your position in price negotiations and optimise profitability
  • Analysts and risk managers - our robust pricing information and analysis of trade dynamics enable you to manage portfolio exposure, profit-loss (P&L) analyses and inform your future trading strategies
  • Shipping operators and brokers - monitor and calculate shipping arbitrage using our data on vessel availability, charter rates and detailed global LNG tanker movements
  • Senior level executives - gain a complete view of the global LNG markets in an easily accessible format, keeping you abreast of the key developments that could impact your business

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ICIS Dashboard

Our LNG reports are accessible online via the ICIS dashboard, giving a single view of prices, market news, alerts and historical pricing data.

It is fully customisable to view the markets and prices you’re most interested in.

  • Download your ICIS LNG reports
  • View prices, indices and historical data
  • Create customised reports or price comparisons
  • Read breaking news and market updates

ICIS Dashboard LNG daily and weekly reports