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A single, trusted source for worldwide LNG prices, data, news and analysis

Get all the real-time prices, analysis and fundamental data to optimise sales, purchasing and track movements of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with the ICIS Market Intelligence solution.

We have a unique combination of technology with LNG analysts and pricing experts. They deliver LNG trade data, news and cargo movements as well as hard to obtain prices on our online platform LNG Edge.

Our speed of delivery and round-the-clock market coverage are only possible thanks to our 24-hour direct contact with LNG trading and shipping professionals from our global offices.

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What's new from ICIS?

LNG Supply Forecast

The ICIS LNG Supply Forecast is a two-year online global LNG supply forecast with monthly granularity. It is powered by comprehensive volume, plant outage, infrastructure and contract datasets.

The new LNG Supply Forecast tool enables you to:

  • Make confident decisions based on highly transparent, granular forecast data
  • Stay on top of supply fluctuations using our unique global data gathering capability
  • Validate your own forecast by drilling down into the data
  • Save valuable time with this flexible consolidated service
  • Avoid data overload with access to relevant news and events filtered by our experts
  • Identify new opportunities based on reliable, real-time information

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Why choose ICIS LNG solution

Trading and shipping companies

You are always on top of real-time market changes as they occur

  • See all competitor activity and positioning at speed
  • Pull on independent, validated data to support daily decisions
  • Be the first to know about longer-term transactable opportunities
  • Access additional data only available from ICIS and fill in gaps
  • Maximise your competitive advantage globally
  • Talk to ICIS LNG experts whenever necessary

LNG market analysts

We are your ‘eyes and ears’, monitoring LNG markets globally, 24/7

  • We focus on data gathering so you can spend more time on data analysis
  • Access comprehensive, validated data round the clock
  • See all critical information in real time
  • Access unique data sets
  • Trust your information completely
  • Talk to ICIS LNG analysts at any time

Stay on top of your competitor’s deals

See LNG companies’ long-term contracts and short-term trade data on the LNG Edge company pages. The interactive contract balance tool gives you quick visualisation of the complex landscape by company. Our analysts keep deals and contract data updated through continuous research.

You can also see contract balance on a country level. Alternatively, download the contracts data in Excel if you need the detail or want to build your own views.

Fleet tracking is only the beginning

Unlike other vessel tracking only websites, LNG Edge tells you not just where a vessel is, but what’s on board and in most cases, whether the cargo is a spot, mid or long-term trade, who bought and sold it and where available, the price.

As well as the usual AIS messages which can sometimes predict destination, the ICIS service integrates other types of evidence to give a much better prediction rate: Intelligence from our global network, automated integration of the world’s port schedules and a finely tuned algorithm.

Usability is always key - the whole fleet can be viewed and filtered on a map. You also pick out a few vessels and locations of interest and set up your own Watchlists.

Visualise global production capacity and performance

The global infrastructure tool is not just a list of available production and import infrastructure; it uses the experience of the ICIS global analyst team to filter all the noise around project announcements and delays. What you get is the realistic view of future infrastructure availability, bang up to date through the monitoring of our global reporters and filtered using the judgement of our analysts.

Plant performance data is real-time, so no need to analyse customs data or wait for consultants reports, because it integrates the Edge cargo tracking capability for all import and export infrastructure.

Access crucial commercial data instantly

The ICIS LNG solution incorporates real-time news, daily price assessments for all DES and FOB locations plus European trading hubs, trade data, contract prices, charter rates and more. News and pricing are generated by a global team of editors from the ICIS publishing division that was the first to assess the global LNG trade.

There is a long history of commercial data for Edge customers to chart or download.

Get alerts, news and data history on tenders and outages

Let our team of reporters and analysts do the legwork for you on gathering tender open, close and award data, including prices. Turn on alerts if you need instant information, use our news service, archive or historical data table for ad hoc analysis.

Our team does the same for future LNG plant outages and maintenance. The Edge plant outage database contains all outages plus reasons with a 5-year history, as well as the volumes lost each time, to support your forecast models.

Access ICIS LNG analysts direct through our interface

Get direct contact with the ICIS LNG experts through our Live Chat service when you are an LNG Edge customer. We’ve built a reputation for responsiveness and expertise which benefits both you and us, as we continually add to and improve our LNG services.

Our team includes ICIS analysts who provide impact analysis and longer-term outlook/forward-looking view and editorial experts who produce a shorter-term outlook for LNG spot trading markets co-operate with each other to provide coherent analysis.

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