LNG Supply Forecast

See how LNG supply around the world is changing.
Understand event impact. Identify opportunities.

Individual events very quickly affect LNG markets – so when something changes you need to know what impact it has. LNG Supply Forecast lets you see up to two years ahead, drill down by month and, crucially, compare how the forecast adjusts immediately after every event occurs.

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What is ICIS LNG Supply Forecast?

A two-year online global LNG supply forecast with monthly granularity. It provides you with:


Market updates
Real-time alerts and updates on events that shape the forecast and potentially affect your long-term view.

Additional tools
LNG Supply Forecast can be accessed as a stand-alone service or alongside our market leading LNG Solution.

Fits your work style
Designed for traders and analysts, LNG Supply Forecast is a fast and effective way to see how supply around the world is changing so you can respond quickly.

Expert knowledge
Event updates, assumptions and forecast data are all identified and incorporated by experienced LNG experts familiar with the nuances of LNG trading and market analysis.

Compare with previous months
Validate your current forecast against the previous one and see instantly what has changed.

Plant outage data
Our comprehensive database is unique to ICIS and informs an essential part of the forecast.

How ICIS LNG Supply Forecast can help you

  • Feel confident: Making a judgement call about what to do after a key event is so much more comfortable when you can see what practical difference it makes to the overall forecast.
  • Validate your forward view: Small mistakes can become very visible on a long-term forecast. Use the monthly granularity and real time adjustments to ensure your forecasting is robust (and your reputation stays intact).
  • Avoid data overload: Access to plenty of information is important – but too much can cause confusion. LNG Supply Forecast brings everything together, letting you see ahead clearly and look ahead with confidence.
  • Stay on top of supply fluctuations: There’s no point discovering supply-driven price changes when it’s too late to respond. With LNG Supply Forecast you can see what is needed in plenty of time.
  • Genuinely easy to use: A consolidated service with visual data presentation and supporting detail that can be digested and interrogated quickly and saves you time.
  • Spot new opportunities: Impact events often create new opportunities to make money. LNG Supply Forecast ensures you can soon spot when there’s a chance to benefit.

Who is it for?

LNG and Gas Trader

  • Know when the forecast has changed, so you can respond quickly
  • See the bigger picture via a single, easy-to-use window
  • Use the constantly updated forecast to identify the high impact deals
  • Respond to supply fluctuations before price is impacted

LNG and Gas Analyst

  • Avoid data overload, even with multiple countries and companies to watch
  • Validate your forecast assumptions and access data to support them
  • Test different scenarios to see their impact on the forecast and make a judgement
  • Find and measure new potential opportunities
  • Protect your reputation – and the reputation of your traders

Why choose ICIS?

The fragile balance of long-term global LNG supply soon shifts when events occur that affect volume. Accurate forecasting is vital for LNG traders and analysts; it also impacts profit for utilities and integrated energy companies. But it’s incredibly hard to be confident when plant outages, new gas supply, plant start-ups, gas rerouting, debottlenecking and other events put your careful assumptions out of kilter.

Our constantly updated two-year forecast takes the pressure off. Our LNG experts focus on keeping abreast of events as they occur, interpreting the impact, and then updating the forecast instantly. That way, you get the most up-to-date view of what’s changed and why it matters.

Choose to act immediately - or combine and contrast our forecast with your internal sources for further validation. Either way, you’ll enjoy increased confidence in your forward view.

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Asian LNG companies look to NBP, TTF for price reference

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