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ICIS price reporting for regional Naphtha markets is unparalleled in its ability to keep you on top of the information you need.

Our network of price reporters delivers direct and regular insights into the local markets they work in.

Use ICIS information to:

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  • Substantiate your position in negotiations
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What's covered in our Asia Naphtha price report
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Naphtha Asia Transcript


The ICIS Asian naphtha report is published once a week. It provides market movement information, capturing deals and prices in an opaque energy market. Trading is speculative because of the intrinsic relationship between naphtha and global oil futures.


In Singapore, also the Asian oil hub, a lot of trades are often done in secrecy, but thanks our extensive and close-knit contacts with the community, producers, traders, brokers and end users, we often break news on the market and move prices such as the crack-spreads, backwardation or contango.


The report also captures Middle East exports to Asia and arbitrage patterns which are key to naphtha market players in Europe because the world exports a huge volume to Asia.


It also analyses the impacts of cracker shutdowns, both planned and unplanned. It gives context to the market player on how to make informed decisions. It is an essential report which is widely red by everyone across the energy industry.

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