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Energy policy drives revenues and costs, but it changes quickly. We filter out the noise, make a robust assessment of each development, and give clear insight into the way ahead. By adding our expert viewpoint to yours, you can confidently see the complete picture as it changes and evolves, not only for individual countries but for the whole European power marketplace.

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Why choose ICIS

Why wait days or weeks for an expert view on legislative or regulatory changes? Our analysis-led service reports the key information, along with the impact, within hours.

You want to deal with experts. We’ve been leading the way on carbon and gas markets for years so we understand the needs of traders, analysts, investors and strategists. And our expertise is not just reporting what’s happening, it’s understanding why it’s happened now and what difference it will make in the short and long term.

All of this means that you can concentrate on the actions required to build profits.

How can ICIS help you

  • Avoid distractions: ICIS keeps you focused on the developments that are important to your business and most likely to have an impact.
  • Respond to change: When regulations and legislation change, we help you understand the impact so you can take steps to mitigate risk and minimise damaging repercussions.
  • See new opportunities: New policies or trends can create profitable windows of opportunity so ICIS ensures you always know what’s important and why, so you don’t miss out.
  • Compare like-for-like: ICIS experts apply the same robust methodology and rigorous assessment to each market, giving you a holistic view across the European power landscape.
  • Feel more confident: Power markets are notoriously difficult to predict so ICIS offers trusted expert insight to give you more confidence in your decisions. And we provide a timely response too.
  • Get answers now: When you need a fast response from a source you can trust ICIS offers you an instant viewpoint for every European power market, every day.

What’s offered?

Knowledge: Direct access to power market experts to discuss and clarify viewpoints and test assumptions.

Coverage: Consistent and comparable coverage of all European power markets presented in English – so you can evaluate and act without additional processing.

What's offered?

Insight: Analyst-oriented updates, upcoming and exiting energy regulations, explanations for market movements and potential market impacts.

The latest information: Real time news and relevant regulatory updates as developments occur, along with constant and quantified assessments.

Meet the team

Philipp Ruf

Philipp Ruf

Director – EU Power & Carbon Analytics

Philipp is the head of the EU Power & Carbon Analytics team at ICIS. He can be reached at philipp.ruf@icis.com.

Marcus Ferdinand

Marcus Ferdinand

Lead Analyst – EU Power & Carbon Markets

As a lead analyst for EU Power & Carbon Markets, Marcus provides qualitative and quantitative analysis in the rapidly changing energy markets in the EU. He can be reached at marcus.ferdinand@icis.com.

Stefan Feuchtinger

Stefan Feuchtinger

Senior Analyst – EU Power & Carbon Markets

Stefan is a senior analyst of the EU Power & Carbon Team at ICIS and focusses his analysis on the political developments in the EU. He can be reached at stefan.feuchtinger@icis.com.

Access free resources from ICIS

European Power Summer Outlook Snapshot 2018

European Power Summer Outlook Snapshot 2018

Wholesale electricity prices are set to remain on the high side in most European markets this summer, but the risk of price spikes will be mitigated in several countries by better hydropower stocks compared to the previous year.

This Power Summer Outlook Snapshot provides a brief overview of the drivers likely to influence power prices this summer, and an idea of what to expect in the coming months.

Trends in renewable energy support: is the Spanish case a forerunner for the rest of the EU?


On 12th July 2018 our power and carbon experts, Matthew Jones and Anise Ganbold, presented a live webinar shedding light on the future direction of Spanish energy policy to 2030, putting developments into the wider context of the soon to be agreed EU clean energy package.

Download the webinar recording and slides to find out about European renewable targets for 2020 and 2030, the evolving support mechanisms for renewables, the outlook for subsidy-free solar and wind and the debate over coal and nuclear phase-out.

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Europe goes renewable – the evolution of renewable subsidy schemes


With this market insight paper, ICIS explores the different paths that Germany, Poland and the UK have chosen on their way to achieving their renewable targets and a cost reduction for the installation of renewable technologies.

Download the insight paper

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