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ICIS is the global source of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services.

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About ICIS

150 years of shaping the world by connecting markets to optimise global resources
ICIS – Independent Commodity Intelligence Services – connects data, markets and customers to create a comprehensive trusted view of global commodities markets, enabling smarter business decisions that help optimise the world’s resources. For decades, our prices have been the backbone of thousands of transactions around the world.

Making the world’s most important markets more trusted and predictable
At ICIS, we help businesses across the chemical and energy markets make strategic decisions, mitigate risk and capitalise on new opportunities. A trusted source and benchmark for price information and insight across key commodities markets worldwide, our independent, transparent market intelligence informs thousands of quality decisions every day- taking the pressure out of negotiations and giving customers space for more innovative thinking.

Our heritage
With an impressive 150-year heritage, we are uniquely placed to draw on years of robust market expertise and a network of deep industry relationships. Our expert analysts and market specialists are embedded in over 143 markets globally, tracking, interpreting and translating market developments for customers daily. It’s our passion and commitment to our industry that sets us apart. Starting in the early days of petrochemical publications, to today being at the forefront of industry innovation, expanding our business with select targeted acquisitions, leveraging deep customer understanding to deploy analytical tools with sophisticated technology.

Our current ICB magazine ancestor, Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter starts providing insight on specialty commodity pricing information, alongside ads for heroin and cocaine (for horse control).

ICIS is founded in Paris by Humphrey Hinshelwood and in 1984 merged with London Oil Reports to become ICIS-LOR.

RELX acquires ICIS-LOR, giving the business access to its growing data and analytics platform.

Investment in key data & analytics and select acquisitions including Schnell Publishing, Heren Energy, CBI China Co, Parpinelli TECNON, and Tschach Solutions.

ICIS is a founding member of the trio of PRAs that create the Principles for Price Reporting Agencies with IOSCO.

Acquires Chemical Data (CDI) expanding US chemical price and analytics portfolio. We are also in a unique position to leverage big data and analytics as part of our parent company, RELX, a FTSE15 data and analytics company with over 30,000 experts across 40 countries. With our intelligence, we shape the world by connecting markets to optimise the world’s valuable resources.

Our vision. Our purpose

Our story started 149 years ago, bringing together data, markets and customers in intelligent and innovative ways. What we do is not only important to us but critical to enable modern life to progress. Thousands of transactions are made each day based on our intelligence, shaping our world.

Our Market Coverage

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How can you see your data?

With an unrivalled global network, respected methodologies and distinguished industry experts, we help our customers to navigate fluctuating markets. By giving you fast access to upstream and downstream data, we can help you to make informed and confident business decisions.  We can help you answer questions which are crucial to the success of your business.

What is happening in markets currently?

ICIS data sets provide independent, objective and trusted intelligence for the global petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Available through the icis.com subscriber platform, our price reports cover more than 180 commodities, and focus on pricing trends in all major trading regions.

Your source of breaking news and analysis from across the global chemical markets.

ICIS news editors around the world are reporting the breaking news stories that impact chemical markets, influence commodity prices, and affect your daily business decisions.

Why is it happening?

Across the globe, ICIS consultants provide detailed analysis and forecasting for the petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Our experts deliver the information you need to understand short, mid and long-term trends, as well as informed commentary and market outlooks, enabling you build robust, future plans for your business.

The ICIS Supply and Demand Data Service enables subscribers to gain a long-term view of the rapidly changing petrochemical markets. It offers end-to-end perspectives across the global petrochemical supply chain, including refineries.

How can I access this information easily?

The ICIS Subscriber Platform is a single, online platform that offers an instant, detailed view of the chemical, energy and fertilizer markets. From pricing information and global trade activities, to supply and demand and breaking news, the ICIS Subscriber Platform provides users with an unparalleled, customisable view of the factors affecting market conditions – all in a single screen.

What does this mean for your business?

ICIS consultants enable businesses to address specific, long term challenges through providing robust proprietary data, on-the-ground expertise, and strategic insight across global petrochemical, energy and fertilizers industries.


ICIS has developed a series of conferences and training courses, to provide industry players with the information and understanding they need to navigate global chemical markets with confidence.