ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV

At ICIS we are committed to bringing consistency and trust to our price assessments through a rigorous methodology that enables our market experts to deliver value where it matters. All our benchmarks are derived from a wide range of sources to ensure they reflect an accurate and impartial view of the market – and so we ensure we meet the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) principles for PRAs in every case – the standards that guarantee commodity benchmark price reporting meets the highest standards.

List of ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV Benchmarks

The following list of benchmarks are currently under Europe (EU) Benchmark Regulation (EU) 2016/1011. Please note there will be numbers used on exchanges or produced outside of Europe not subject to EU Benchmark Regulation. There may also be data produced by ICIS that is used in benchmarks for which ICIS is not benchmark administrator (For example the ICE Brent Futures Indices use ICIS data, but the administrator is the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)). Please note other price assessments can be used in the EU as they are out of scope of the EU BMR.

  • Dutch TTF assessments: TTF Day-Ahead, Weekend, Month +1
  • British NBP Assessments: NBP Day-Ahead, Weekend, Month +1
  • German NCG Assessments: NCG Day-Ahead, Weekend, Month +1
  • German Gaspool Assessments: Gaspool Day-Ahead, Weekend, Month +1
  • Italian PSV Assessments: PSV Day-Ahead, Weekend, Month +1
  • France PEG Assessments: PEG Day-Ahead
  • Belgian Zeebrugge Assessments: Zeebrugge Day-Ahead
  • Austria VTP Assessments: VTP Day-Ahead, Weekend
  • Spanish PVB Assessments: PVB Month+1


ICIS benchmark statements

ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – Austrian Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – Belgian Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – British Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – Dutch Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – French Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – German Gaspool Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – German Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – Italian Natural Gas Benchmark Statement
ICIS Benchmarking Europe BV – Spanish Natural Gas Benchmark Statement


European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) contains independent price assessments and indices for mature and emerging gas markets, as well as in-depth analysis on price drivers, authoritative commentary on each day’s trading activity and daily news. The methodology for Benchmarks that fall within EU Benchmark Regulation can be found here.

Additional information regarding the consultation process and compliance processes and policies can be found in the links on the bottom right of this page.

ICIS Benchmarking Europe B.V. Senior Leadership Team Profiles

Dean Curtis
Dean Curtis is the Managing Director of ICIS. His tenure at ICIS began January 2019. Prior to his position at ICIS, Dean held the Managing Director position at the insurance division of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, part of the Risk & Business Analytics business of RELX. Dean is responsible for the entire ICIS brand, including EU Benchmarking.

Daan Van Zanten
Daan Van Zanten is the Managing Director of Nextens in Amsterdam. He is also Managing Director of ICIS Benchmarking Europe B.V. Daan was previously part of the ICIS leadership team working as Head of Strategy and Corporate Development for ICIS for over eight years. As a result, Daan has in depth knowledge of the brand and commodity market reporting.

Nastasia Jobben
Nastasia Jobben is Head of Product at Nextens, and works with Daan both in his capacity as Managing Director of ICIS Benchmarking Europe B.V. and Managing Director of Nextens. Nastasia has worked at Reed Business Information (RBI) for nearly eight years and has extensive experience in business process management. While Nastasia does not have direct commodities experience, she will assist ICIS Benchmarking Europe B.V. by providing an independent view point.

Richard Street
Richard Street is the RBI Group Risk and Compliance Officer and oversees the compliance function for all RBI businesses, and reports to an RBI Executive Board member. Richard began his career at RBI as a Head of Regulation and Compliance for ICIS. He has over 20 years of experience in the commodities markets and expertise in regulatory engagement. He and his team report to the RBI Board which allows them to remain independent from the businesses they oversee.

Bal Dhillon
Bal Dhillon is the Senior Legal Business Partner and Director for ICIS. Bal works for the RBI legal team reporting to William Min, EVP and General Counsel of Risk & Business Analytics. Bal serves all legal needs of the ICIS business, but remains in the RBI legal function. Since he does not have a direct reporting line to Dean Curtis he is able to provide independent legal advice.

Michael Roger
Michael Roger is the Senior Finance Business Partner for ICIS as well as VP of Finance at RBI. Michael provides an independent financial control function for ICIS.