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The global chemical industry is dynamic, constantly evolving, and influenced by the slightest disruption resulting in uncertainty for market participants. From production to procurement a lack of market certainty can lead to missed opportunities and a failure to manage risk across the chemical supply chain.

As part of ICIS, CDI provides unparalleled transparency into the global chemical markets, allowing companies to develop a comprehensive view of current and future pricing that affects their bottom line. Partner with us to gain a competitive advantage through strategic purchasing by making the most informed decisions using easily accessible and accurate data. Manage purchases and supplier relationships effectively and respond quickly to mitigate loss or capture opportunity by having access to up-to-date information on any global and domestic disruptions.

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The chemical industry has many shifting dynamics, which frequently result in unexpected market changes that disrupt supply. In order to strategically plan, budget and fulfil supply needs, participants must understand current and future pricing as well as the factors driving supply and demand. CDI partners with companies to help develop effective strategies, negotiate more favourable, predictable contracts, and gain a competitive advantage through the use of reliable data and analytics.


We partner with sellers giving them insight into global factors influencing commodity prices that have the greatest impact on their prices and customers by helping them understand price drivers and having a forward-looking view of the market and prices to support accurate pricing. This allows sellers to have proactive conversations with data and knowledge to confidently stand by their costs.


In order to budget and compete effectively, producers require visibility into global pricing, feedstock costs, and supply and demand dynamics across all regional markets. CDI collaborates with producers to reduce risk, source supply, and confidently maximise opportunities by providing a comprehensive, integrated global view of supply and demand, as well as disruption trackers.


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Predictability in business planning

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Defining a better future

In this video, Dean Curtis, President and CEO of ICIS, and Jason Brown, President of Chemical Data (CDI), discuss how together ICIS and CDI enable you to seize these opportunities with intelligence and insight.

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