ICIS Reports Glossary

The following is a glossary of terms and abbreviations commonly found within ICIS pricing reports.

General Terms
ACP Asian Contract Price
APCP Asian Posted Contract Price
API American Petroleum Institute (issues US petroleum statistics)
APPI Asian Petroleum Price Index
ARG German pipeline group, major ethylene inland distribution (Aethylen Rohrleitungs Gesellschaft)
bl/mldg Blow moulding (plastics reports)
BPAP BP Agreed Price (LPG quote in feedstocks)
C in paraffin wax to denote melt point in degrees Celsius
C-grade chemical grade (propylene) / commercial grade (toluene)
CP contract price
CSD carbonated soft drinks
CNO coconut oil
CST centistoke, unit of viscosity, ratio of a liquid’s absolute viscosity to the density of that liquid
DOE US Department of Energy
DTY drawn texturised yarn
EBM extrusion blow moulding (PET)
EGAF antifreeze grade ethylene glycol
EGF fibre grade ethylene glycol
EGI industrial grade ethylene glycol
ext extrusion (plastics)
FDY fully drawn yarn
FRASS freight rate assessment
GP general purpose
H1 first half (year)
H2 second half (year)
HD high density (plastics)
HIPS high impact polystyrene
ICP Indonesian crude price
INJ injection
IPE International Petroleum Exchange
LDPE low density polyethylene
LLDPE linear low density polyethylene
LPG liquid petroleum gases (butane and propane on feedstocks)
MAP monthly agreed price
MON motor octane number
MoU memorandum of understanding
MPGIM industrial – technical grade monopropylene glycol
MTH month
N+A naphthenes and aromatics (naphtha)
n/c no change
N-grade nitration grade (toluene)
NAT natural
NYMEX New York Mercantile Exchange
PC polycarbonate
P&C private and confidential
P-grade polymer grade (propylene)
PM propanol methoxy/methoxy propanol/propylene glycol ether
PMA propanol methoxy acetate
PFY polyester filament yarn
PSF polyester staple fibre
POY partially oriented yarn
Q1 first quarter (year)
Q2 second quarter (year)
Q3 third quarter (year)
Q4 fourth quarter (year)
R-grade refinery grade (propylene)
SBM stretch blow moulding (plastics)
s/d shutdown
SDY spin drawn yarn
SP spot price
SYN synthetic (glycerine, ethanol)
T1 material manufactured outside the EU and possibly subject to duty
T2 material manufactured within the EU
TVA temporary voluntary allowance
UPR unsaturated polyester resins
USP pharmaceutical grade
VLCC very large crude carrier
W-A weighted average
WTI West Texas Intermediate (US specification of crude oil)


Commercial Terms
CFR cost & freight
C&F freight, for oil bulk cargoes
CIF cost, insurance & freight
CPT carriage paid to
DEL delivered
DAF delivered at frontier
DDP delivered, duty paid
DDU delivered, duty unpaid
DOM domestic
EXW ex-works
EXWH ex-warehouse (China assessments)
FCA free carrier
FOB free on board
FOB(*) FOB price spread at Friday close
FOB(+) FOB price spread for the week
FOR free on rail
FOT free on truck
FD free delivered
FRT EQ freight equalised
Free alongside FOB
Form A preferential rate of duty
ITT inter-tank transfer
LC letter of credit
NOM nominal



lbpound (weight)

bbl barrel
cwt hundredweight (112lb)
Cbm cubic metre
dmt dry tonne (or dry metric ton)
dst dry short ton
gal US gallon
hl hectolitre
kg kilogramme
kt kilotonne
L litre
lt long ton (2,240lb)
mt tonne (1,000kg or 2,204.62lb)
mt/year tonne per year
st short ton (2,000lb)


ARA Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp
AR Amsterdam-Rotterdam
A-P Asia-Pacific
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CMP China Main Port
FARA Flushing-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp
FARAG Flushing-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp-Ghent
FSU former Soviet Union
HTC Houston/Texas City
MED Mediterranean
NYH New York Harbor
NWE northwest Europe
Rdam Rotterdam
Spore Singapore
USEC US east coast
USGC US Gulf coast
USWC US west coast