An exciting new development has arisen at ICIS. We have acquired Chemical Data (CDI), a provider of US petrochemical and plastics price benchmarks and predictive analytics.

For decades, ICIS has delivered comprehensive insight to the chemical and energy markets globally. CDI enhances our US coverage with access to one of the leading sources of US pricing intelligence, deepening our market relationships and industry work network. Together we will deliver deeper, unparalleled insight into the global chemicals and plastics value chain when it is needed the most.
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Dean Curtis, CEO & President of ICIS

We are delighted to welcome CDI to the RELX family. It is a world-class team which brings market relationships and deep understanding of the US petrochemical and plastics sector. Combining CDI with ICIS brings us closer to delivering our goal of empowering our customers’ decision making with the most timely, relevant information across the chemical industry.

Jason Brown, President of CDI

It is a perfect fit. ICIS is an established provider of price benchmarks in several European and Asian petrochemicals segments and CDI has equivalent positions in the US. For decades, both companies have been the backbone of thousands of transactions around the world, and our strategies and beliefs in the future of this critical market are closely aligned.
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Together our combined business will deliver:

Recognised price benchmarks in the US, Adding to the complimentary positions held by ICIS in European and Asian Markets

Access to the industry’s most comprehensive view of the global chemical markets

Stronger global content and capabilities through the combination of CDI’s reputation

Comprehensive analytical and consulting capabilities globally

Deeper understanding of US markets – especially polymers, supported by deep market connections

CDI Intelligence:

Monthly petrochemical and plastics analysis (MPA) overview:

  • Up to date market conditions and analysis
  • Current rolling pricing information
  • 18/24 monthly rolling production and capacity forecast
  • Latest production and foreign trade statics

Presented once per year:

  • Capacities and utilization rates with 3-4 year forecast
  • Supply and demand balances with 3-4 year forecast
  • Manufacturing economics with profitability
  • Historical tables and graphs

Products include – Acetone, Benzene, Polypropylene and polystyrene

Monthly Feedstocks and Fuels Analysis (MFA):

The study focuses on current and future supply, demand and pricing for the include: US and World Crude Oil, Natural Gas & Natural Gas liquids and Petrochemical Feedstocks.

Market Expertise:

A leading provider of US petrochemical price benchmarks, market analysis, and predictive analytics, powered by a team of industry experts with extensive experience.

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