Award categories


Four categories to choose from

To recognise the breadth of innovation in the chemical sector, ICIS Innovation Awards are given in four categories, as detailed below.

As well as a winner in each category, ICIS selects an overall winner each year, chosen from the four category winners. This Award will be presented by BASF, as lead sponsor of the ICIS Innovation Awards 2019.

Full details of last year’s winners can be found here


Best Product Innovation

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The Best Product Innovation category gives entrants a chance to show how innovative they are in the traditional but still vital area of product innovation.


Croda International
Croda’s Star Polymer: changing the shape of surfactant chemistry


EZ-Blox anti-skimming agent from AdvanSix

First polyethylene-based build material in 3D printing: Evolv3D olefin block copolymer (OBC)

Dow Chemical/Kuraray – SentryGlas Xtra – enabled by ultra-clarity Dow ionomer
Kuraray’s SentryGlas Xtra interlayers for laminated safety glass use a new ionomer developed by Dow, carefully designed to offer clarity and exceptional performance. The ionomer is based on

Aqueous transparent flame-retardant coating: Landex Coat Flame Retardant Clear

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Best Process Innovation

The Best Process Innovation category gives entrants a chance to show how innovative they are in the fundamental areas of new process development and process improvement – vital areas of innovation underlying better use of energy and raw materials, improved economics, safer performance and lower environmental impact.


Dryref and Synspire – redefinition of efficiency in steam reforming


Janus Technology Solutions
Carbonyl removal from gaseous hydrocarbon stream



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Best Innovation by a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)

The Best Innovation by a SME category gives SMEs, that great source and reservoir of innovation, a chance to shine.


Sironix Renewables
Hundredfold improved hard water performance with Eosix surfactants


Innovative solutions for green and sustainable manufacturing industry

One mine: three high value products from titanomagnetite

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Innovation with Best Benefit for Environment and Sustainability Sponsored by Maroon Group

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The chemical industry and innovative can play an important role in addressing many of today’s environmental concerns, including global warming, pollution, recycling, water supply security and nutrition.
This category is designed to recognise those companies that have incorporated the ideas of environmental performance and sustainability into their innovation in the areas of product and process developments and approach to business overall. Entries might include improved manufacturing processes or products, with reduced environmental impact, or new products that tackle the issues above. They should show a distinct benefit to the environment and to the sustainability of the company and its customers.


Carbon Cycle
Phosphogypsum remediation

INEOS Styrolution
Polystyrene – made for recycling. First demonstration of chemical recycling loop by polymerising styrene from depolymerised polystyrene


Beaulieu Fibres International
UltraBond, the green way to bond

Huntsman Corp
Transforming waste plastic bottles into energy-saving insulation

LyondellBasell/Neste Corp
Industrial-scale production of biobased polypropylene and biobased low-density polyethylene from renewable hydrocarbon

Recycling Technologies
RT7000 feedstock recycling in a plastic circular economy

TimePlast nano-depolymerisation of polymer chains

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