Indicative Chemical Prices A-Z

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Pricing reports

ICIS price reports provide independent, objective and trusted intelligence for the global petrochemical, energy and fertilizer markets. Available through the subscriber platform, our price reports cover more than 180 commodities, and focus on pricing trends in all major trading regions. Put simply, ICIS provides the information need to make better-informed business decisions.

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*Acrylic acid glacial US Golf, spot export lb 0.84-090 Read more
*Acrylic acid glacial US Gulf, contract FD lb 1.09-1.12 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, contract DF methyl-A lb 1.13-1.56 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, contract DF ethyl-A lb 1.10-1.13 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, contract FD butyl-A lb 1.16-1.20 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, contract FD 2EHA lb 1.20-1.26 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, export spot butyl-A lb 0.90-096 Read more
*Acrylate esters US Gulf, export spot 2EHA lb 0.96-1.05 Read more
Acetylsalicylcic acid (Asprin) 90% granulation, white 250-lb. dms., c.l., f.o.b. lb 3.90 Read more
Acetylsalicyclic acid (Asprin) USP, cryst., powd. 250-lb. dms, c.l., f.o.b. lb 3.70 Read more
Acetonitrile bulk, frt. equalized lb 0.65-0.75 Read more
*Acetone US Golf, spot f.o.b. export lb 0.44-062 Read more
*Acetone US Golf, contract trucks lb 0.63-0.82 Read more
*Acetone US Gulf, contract barges (MMA) lb 0.47-0.53 Read more
Acetic anhydride tanks, dlvd. E. lb 0.48-051 Read more
*Acetic acid US Golf, spot f.o.b export lb 0.35-0.41 Read more
*Acetic acid US Gulf, contract list del. lb 0.68 Read more
Acetaldehyde 99% bulk, frt.alld lb 0.456 Read more
a alpha dom. domestic ord. ordinary