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Isopropanol (IPA) is a low-cost solvent and extractant. Also known as isopropyl alcohol, it is widely used for cleaning and sanitising, pesticides, herbicides, inks, cosmetics, paints, resins, pharmaceuticals, food and adhesives. Isopropanol (IPA) is also used for cleaning and drying electronic parts and metals, as an aerosol solvent, as a coolant, a coupling agent, a polymerisation modifier, a de-icing agent, a preservative and in motor oils. Pharmaceutical use has the greatest market share followed by personal care and cosmetics.

Market growth driven by high-volume consumption of solvents can be hampered by volatile crude oil prices.

Investment and expansion in the worldwide chemicals sector also help to drive demand, but other markets could be impacted by imports if local demand in Asia does not absorb additional capacity coming onstream. The versatility and ubiquity of IPA means that buyers must compete for supplies against a handful of dominant users downstream.

ICIS provides actionable market news in real time, unparalleled in the frequency of our updates and depth of market outreach and feedback, and enhanced by our comprehensive knowledge of other raw materials and sectors that influence IPA supply and demand dynamics.

Our reports keep you in touch with scheduled and unscheduled supply interruptions, analyses actual price levels and place market trends in context. They include a summary outlook that analyses short-term drivers.




The ICIS Isopropanol (IPA) report is published weekly in Asia, Europe and the US. Locally-based reporters gather market intelligence and compile commentary to cover regional activity, production issues, upstream and downstream news, and economic indications. Independent and unbiased information helps you make business decisions with confidence.


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