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Make informed and confident commercial decisions on base oils with trusted market intelligence

Buy, plan and negotiate more effectively with trusted intelligence

Global macroeconomic issues like cost of living and Chinese demand recovery are key influences in base oils markets. How will these factors affect automotive and industrial sectors? To what extent will base oils prices shift and what can indicate a potential shift in production from base oils to gas oil?

Buy, plan and negotiate more effectively with trusted intelligence that gives you a complete understanding of the base oils markets now and in future. Make your buying decisions with price reports and forecasts that you can rely on. Get a transparent view of true production costs and market changes to negotiate prices confidently.

Stay ahead in the base oils industry. Let forward looking market intelligence guide your next move.




ICIS offers actionable market news in real time for base oils and P-Wax, including scheduled/unscheduled supply interruptions. Our transparent methodology is built on comprehensive market input from buyers, sellers, and distributors.


Supply and Demand outlooks offer an informative overview of the various chemical markets, consolidated into an easy-to-use format.

Price drivers

Providing diagnostic insights to help monitor and maximise your sales opportunities. Interactive analytics help you assess trends to increase windows of opportunities.

Live disruptions tracker

A live global view of production and consumption capacity loss, plus associated conversion factors. These enable a clear understanding of supply impact in order to get ahead of market changes.

ICIS Foresight

Our analytics can help you to shape future strategies, minimise risk and maintain a
competitive advantage within commodity markets.

ICIS Foresight – Base Oil Asia-Pacific

Buy, plan and negotiate more effectively with 18-month price forecasts and analytics. Monitor cost pressures and identify early signs of production shifts.

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Now, more than ever, dynamic insights are key to navigating complex, volatile commodity markets.

Access to expert insights on the latest industry developments and tracking market changes are vital in making sustainable business decisions.

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