ICIS Technical Analysis

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What is ICIS Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis allows traders to focus on price action, overlooking other measures of perceived value and focuses on where the price is and for how long an existing trend could persist. On the other hand, fundamental analysis tries to establish the perceived value of a product.

Combining key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid power and gas markets, alongside fundamental factors, ICIS Technical Analysis gives a rounded outlook ahead of the day’s trading.

What’s offered?

  • Daily snapshot in advance of markets opening in Europe, so you’ll have enough time to consider your position
  • Combination of key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid power and gas markets, and fundamental factors to give you a rounded view
  • Easy to digest briefings that provide that all-important second opinion and independent expert input
  • Evaluate market moves and developments more objectively with both fundamentals and technical analysis

How ICIS Technical Analysis can support your trading decisions

Too much information to get through

When you’re under pressure, the last thing you want is to wade through reams of data, while fearing you have missed something. ICIS takes the pressure off because you can rely on our technical analysts to do a thorough job.

Not enough time

You’ve got plenty to do before the markets open. Whether you’re taking your first position of the day, trading assets, or speculating, you won’t want to rush your thought processes or go in blind. ICIS gives you analysis that is quick to ingest, so you have enough time to consider your position.

No back up

Even when you do have the time to carry out your own technical analysis, it’s frustrating if you can’t validate your ideas. ICIS provides that all-important second opinion as well as independent expert input, so you can feel more confident you’ve covered all bases.

Over-reliance on fundamentals

Technical analysis gives you a different perspective, but if it’s not your core area of expertise, or you don’t have time to actually do the analysis, you need a resource you can trust. ICIS’ certified technical analysts offer independent input to add to your fundamental viewpoint.


It’s easy to get caught up in a trend and miss the signs that the market is shifting again. And following predictable patterns is not always the best way to make money. ICIS Technical Analysis allows you to step outside of herd-thinking and evaluate market moves more objectively.

Why choose ICIS?

How can I access ICIS Technical Analysis?

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