ICIS Formula Builder

An easier way to track and chart your contract formulas, to stay up to date with price movements

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The ICIS Formula Builder allows you to effortlessly create and track your contracts as market prices shift, by integrating your formulas into the ICIS Dashboard.

Simply configure and save your formulas in the Dashboard, to benefit from instantly updated price series and contract prices, all in one place. Chart your prices to view historical data, and compare with feedstock trends, to benchmark your position and identify arbitrage opportunities.

In addition to our settlement prices, this Dashboard enhancement provides vital, real-time information when dealing with formulas and referencing ICIS prices, enabling you to react faster to changes in the market.

How will you benefit?

Gain the complete picture

Easily monitor prices and trends in petrochemical and energy markets, with charts that visually display price movements.

Strengthen your negotiating power

Automatically calculate discounts and premiums, to justify price changes and maximise profit margins in line with market movements.

Make fast, informed decisions

Track real-time prices and compare profitability across derivatives and feedstocks, to seize arbitrage opportunities and minimise risk.

Understand historical trends

View and compare historical and seasonal trends, and calculate multi-year ranges, by adding your formulas to your price history widget.

Save time

Instantly apply ICIS petrochemical, energy and freight prices to your unique formulas, by building and integrating them into your Dashboard.

Enhance in-house analytics

Download ICIS data and charts, to include historical and current price trends in your own analytical models.


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