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Set-up Instructions

1. Log in to your dashboard »Forgot your password? You can retrieve it here

2. In the Quotations window, click on the formula icon Quotations

3. Choose Create New Formula and follow the steps
Create New Formula

4. Add Formula Name and pick your Currency, Units and Frequency
Formula Name

5.Click on Select Quotations and pick the quotations that you will need to build your formula; add a quote label for each to help you when integrating into your formula.
Select Quotations

6. Choose Price Type required.
Choose Price Type required.

7. Build formula using the numeric values, calculation operators signs and chosen quotations
Build formula

8. Click Evaluate.

9. Save formula – this is added to Quotations Window by default.
Build formula


FAQs Formula Builder


Monthly Average is the average of all available assessments in that calendar month.

  • Last price is the last published price assessment available.
  • If on the 6th of the month you are using a monthly average for a daily price series, then the number used will be an average up to the 6th of the month.

If on the 6th of the month you are using a monthly average for a monthly price series, then the previous month’s settlement price will be used.

I can’t add any more price series to my formula

Currently you can add a maximum of 5 price series to a formula.

I can’t add any more formulas to my dashboard

Currently you can save a maximum of 5 formula.

I can’t view my selected formulas and price series in the price history window.

In the price history window, units and currency must be consistent for each quotation and/or formula you wish to chart. You can plot more than one currency in the Price History window using the secondary Y-axis.

I can’t convert my chosen price frequencies when creating a formula

Frequency conversion: you can only convert upward i.e. Monthly cannot be converted to weekly or daily, but daily can be converted to weekly/monthly/quarterly.

Support & feedback

If you need help setting up your formulas,have any questions about our products or want to provide feedback please contact the ICIS Customer Support Centre using the details below:

Asia & Middle East:
+65 6588 3955

Europe & Africa:
+44 20 8652 3335

US & Canada:
+1 888 525 3255

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