Scenario Study:Demand – The New Direction for Profit

How do you keep your business profitable in this challenging economic climate?

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Huge challenges face chemical companies as central bank stimulus comes to an end and markets return to supply and demand fundamentals.

You need a new road map that proposes alternatives for a new direction and gives answers about how to survive in today’s chaotic petrochemicals markets.

Scenario Study: Demand – The New Direction for Profit

This new Study by ICIS and the independent UK chemicals consultancy, International eChem, is the culmination of five years of ground-breaking forecasting work.

It has been developed by a team of experts who have many decades of industry experience in all the main product areas and geographies, and is under-pinned by data from the ICIS global Supply & Demand data analytics platform.

It enables you to examine the data and analysis underlying key trends and to see how our experts predict three very different potential scenarios will play out for petrochemicals markets.

Guidance is also provided on how to correctly prepare, plan and pivot for different crude oil price scenarios, and to identify major new revenue and profit growth opportunities in the petrochemical value chain.

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The Study is delivered via the ICIS online platform. It includes detailed graphs and a full pack of data covering the 3 potential core oil price scenarios ($25, $50, $100/bbl) and each scenario’s impact on the ethylene, propylene, butadiene, paraxylene, and benzene value chains.

Key factors & events affecting petrochemicals markets

Since 2011 our market analysis featured in the ICIS Chemicals & The Economy and Asian Conections blogs written by Paul Hodges of IeC and John Richardson of ICIS, lead authors of the Study, has highlighted the key factors and events which have resulted in the end of a global economic SuperCycle of growth, including:

  • The risks to Western economies from ageing populations
  • The major slowdown seen by China and other emerging markets
  • When China’s change of economic direction would start and what this would mean for the global economy, as well as how serious the downturn would be
  • When oil prices would fall in response to these developments and how the stimulus policies of Western central banks would not resolve the situation.

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5 Questions to Answer

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The end of the SuperCycle of growth, and today’s vast overcapacity in oil, gas and petrochemicals, means having to find a new way forward. To do that it’s important to explore and understand:

  1. What are the myths that have brought us to this point?
  2. The collapse of oil prices – what does this mean?
  3. How will China’s slowdown impact global markets?
  4. What demographic paradigm shifts are impacting supply and demand fundamentals?
  5. Where are the future opportunities?

The new Study – “Demand – the New Direction for Profit” answers these questions and more, providing a critical assessment of the present economic landscape and a roadmap for navigating towards future profit and growth.

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