European Daily Electricity Markets

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The European Daily Electricity Markets report supplies market participants with in-depth coverage of Europe’s power sector.

The coverage includes independent price assessments, indices and analysis on the latest market developments, fundamentals data and daily news stories.

The power package add-on includes further commentary and exchange prices for coal and European carbon markets, as well as analysis of fuel switching trends.

ICIS Technical Analysis is now included as part of the European Spot Gas Markets (ESGM) and European Daily Electricity Markets (EDEM) service.Combining key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid power and gas markets, alongside fundamental factors, ICIS Technical Analysis gives a rounded outlook ahead of the day’s trading.

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Key features


  • Daily and weekly over-the-counter (OTC) price assessments for European power markets
  • A range of indices for the UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands
  • Daily news on the latest market developments
  • Specialist coverage for electricity markets in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria
  • UK and German spark and dark spreads as well as Italian spark spreads
  • Daily cross-border spreads for markets in central and eastern Europe as well as western Europe
  • Analytical graphs and charts of price and market movements
  • Price trends and far-reaching forward curves
  • A detailed list of power plant outages, renewable energy output forecasts and weather forecasts
  • Market analysis

Power Package

  • Weekly analysis of what coal market movements will mean for European energy trading
  • Expert market commentary from ICIS carbon analysts on European emission allowance prices
  • Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) EUA and CER emissions certificate prices, as well as ICE Rotterdam, ICE Richards Bay and gC Newcastle coal prices for further research and analysis.

Supporting your business

Our insights have been helping traders, electricity producers, buyers, suppliers and risk managers in their daily negotiations, analysis and trading for more than 14 years, by providing solid data and market intelligence on which they can base their commercial decision-making.

  • Use our daily pricing information as reference points in contracts and deals
  • Calculate profitability by using our figures
  • Analyse the markets by accessing the latest information on developments
  • Understand key price drivers behind market movements
  • Access unrivalled coverage of Europe’s emerging power markets

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Insight: Ireland's new integrated single electricity market

In 2017, ICIS published a market insight on the upcoming new Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM) to explain the full redesign of the all-island Irish power market.

ICIS deputy news editor, Christopher Somers provides an update and sheds light on the launch of I-SEM and explains how it will allow trading over an increased number of delivery periods, including a balancing market, day-ahead and forward markets.

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The Automation Generation: How Automated Trade is Changing Europe's Energy Markets

Automated trading is booming on the European intra-day power markets and is about to take off on the intra-day gas markets. Power and gas companies are looking into more automated trade of long-term products too.

Will automation take over energy trade? This insight looks into reasons and ways to automate power and gas trade, the share of automated trade, its regulatory framework and future trends.

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ICIS Energy Forum – 4 October, 10am-5pm | CCT Venues, London

ICIS is pleased to offer a free seminar covering the most important factors affecting the energy markets. Join our market experts as they discuss topics including:

  • Global oil, gas and LNG market trends
  • European gas market liquidity and hub development
  • The future of the UK electricity market post-Brexit
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European Power Summer Outlook Snapshot 2018

Wholesale electricity prices are set to remain on the high side in most European markets this summer, but the risk of price spikes will be mitigated in several countries by better hydropower stocks compared to the previous year.

This Power Summer Outlook Snapshot provides a brief overview of the drivers likely to influence power prices this summer, and an idea of what to expect in the coming months.

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Energy Demand by Temperature in France and the UK

ICIS analysis found that power and natural gas demand and prices are at their lowest when temperatures reach 17°C in the UK and France. Heating demand is also at its lowest on these days.

This infographic by ICIS market reporter, William Peck, reveals which temperatures have the lowest energy demand in the two countries, and the effect this has on pricing.

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Planned electricity interconnector projects in the Nordic region

The Nordic countries have initiated a number of electricity interconnector projects, with many to be commissioned in the next four years. The new links will increase opportunities for cross-border trade between Scandinavia, the northwest European markets and the UK.

Our new infographic by ICIS deputy news editor, Chris Somers, presents all of the upcoming Nordic interconnector projects, their capacities and commissioning dates.

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ICIS IPI 2017 Q4 / 2018 Q1 Analysis: UK wholesale energy price rise puts pressure on household bills

UK wholesale energy prices hit four-year highs on the forward products most regularly traded by energy companies during the winter, the ICIS Power Index reveals, as number of supply problems combined with the ‘Beast from the East’, increasing fundamental risk in the traded markets

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Liquidity Development at Balkan Day-Ahead Power Exchanges

While the electricity markets in the Balkans have been developing in recent years, day-ahead volumes traded through the local exchanges are still relatively low, with most of the liquidity remaining with the benchmark HUPX.

In this infographic, ICIS tracks the changes in liquidity of Balkan day-ahead power exchanges from 2016 to 2017, and indicates countries yet to launch an exchange.

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Weak UK Renewable Heat Policy Keeps Gas Demand Buoyant

The UK’s approach to renewable heat targets means gas is likely to remain the cornerstone of residential and commercial heating demand for the next decade and beyond.

This market insight by senior reporter, Henry Evans, explores how the government’s attempts to meet EU targets for renewal electricity has overshadowed renewable and transport targets.

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How temperature within the UK and France has an effect on energy demand

ICIS analysis has found that an average daily temperature of below 9°C in the UK and France is the tipping point as to where wholesale power and gas prices have started to rise over the last three years.

This infographic shows how cooler temperatures impact energy demand in the UK and France, and the effect they have on pricing.

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Mounting uncertainty over French nuclear supply

France’s nuclear fleets have been scrutinised by regulators this year and last over safety issues. Initial schedules to bring the plants back online have not been kept to as shown in this latest infographic by ICIS.

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Gas projects in southeast Europe and Turkey

Turkey and southeast European countries have been struggling to diversify their natural gas resources and supply routes. Over the years, numerous projects have been initiated – but many have fallen through either due to lack of commercial viability, complex regional politics or changing global conditions.

View the latest infographic by ICIS to see which projects are approaching their commissioning date

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European Energy Market Winter Outlook 2017

While important lessons were learnt at the beginning of this year when unprecedented price spikes hit energy markets, some of the issues that allowed the price spikes to occur have cropped up again.

Will the European energy markets pull through this winter unscathed?

European energy traders face a mixed standpoint as described in the ICIS European Energy Market Winter Outlook 2017, download your copy to find out more.

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