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What is ICIS Technical Analysis?

Technical analysis allows traders to focus on price action, uncovering where the market has been, where it currently is and where it will go, and overlooks other measures of perceived value to understand how long an existing trend could persist. Put simply, it is the study of price, volume and open interest to gauge future price developments.

On the other hand, fundamental analysis is focused on explaining why the market is moving, instead of where it currently is. Fundamental analysis is used to establish the perceived value of a product. Factors such as outages, policy shifts, temperature swings or LNG arrivals all shift the perceived value of energy commodities, but it is often up to the individual trader to weigh the impact of those factors.

ICIS Technical Analysis allows you to step outside of herd-thinking and evaluate market movements more objectively, ahead of the day’s trading. The service covers coal, crude oil, power, natural gas and carbon markets, to give you a combined view of what is happening each day.

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Transparency of daily trades

ICIS leads the gas and power markets on fundamental data and we see higher volumes of over-the-counter trades than other price reporting agencies currently do. This high level of transparency allows ICIS to produce the most accurate technical analysis.

Delivered ahead of market open

ICIS Technical Analysis is delivered every UK workday at 07:00 London time to help market participants prepare for the trading session ahead by highlighting key support and resistance levels, determining the market sentiment, and suggesting future price developments.

Combination of fundamental and technical analysis

The report not only covers the technical analysis of Europe’s key energy markets but also highlights the most pressing fundamental developments relevant for that day. This allows market participants to put price moves into the context of the wider energy markets.

Easy-to-digest information

You’ve got plenty to do before the markets open. Whether you’re taking your first position of the day, trading assets, or speculating, you won’t want to rush your thought processes or go in blind. ICIS gives you analysis that is quick to digest, so you have enough time to consider your position.

Expert second opinion

Even when you do have the time to carry out your own technical analysis, it’s frustrating if you can’t validate your ideas. ICIS provides that all-important second expert opinion to validate or challenge your own strategies.

More comprehensive view of the market

The ICIS Technical Analysis briefing also acts as a trusted source of knowledge that can be used to improve a trader’s understanding of technical analysis in general. Chart patterns, trends, volume shifts and indicators are not analysed in isolation but combined to paint an holistic picture of the market.

What’s offered?

Check Daily snapshot in advance of markets opening at 07:00 London time, so you have enough time to consider your position

Check Combination of key technical drivers for Europe’s most liquid crude, coal, power, gas and carbon markets

Check Fundamental factors to give you a technical view of what is happening in the market

Check Easy-to-digest updates that provide that all-important second opinion and independent expert input

Check Evaluate market moves and developments more objectively with both fundamentals and technical analysis

Why choose ICIS?


ICIS Technical Analysis is available as part of the ICIS European Spot Gas Markets or European Daily Electricity Markets report subscriptions.

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