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The European wholesale power markets are developing quickly, with liquidity growing across the continent. Power professionals in this rapidly moving market need access to independent and reliable information to help them make decisions faster and to the highest possible standard. At ICIS, we provide expert coverage of the power markets in Europe, supplying our customers with the latest over-the-counter price assessments, news, monthly analysis and unrivalled information on the European renewable energy markets, as well as forecasts and forward looking analytics propositions for Germany. Our new and unique hourly PFC will give you an outlook on prices adjusted for the continuously changing generation landscape.

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Our comprehensive range of in-depth power price reports are provided by our specialist team of experts, supplying information on established power markets in western and central Europe, as well as the emerging markets of eastern Europe and the Balkans. Countries covered include the UK, Germany, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia and others.

Our team of analysts focuses on analytical propositions including a day-ahead to day 6 forecast for the German market and a forward looking Hourly Price Forward Curve.

Use ICIS information to:

  • Access wholesale electricity prices and news
  • Understand factors impacting power prices
  • Analyse supply and demand dynamics
  • Acquire the latest renewable energy market information
  • Stay up-to-date on robust German day-ahead forecasts

Our Power Resources

European Daily Electricity Markets

The European Daily Electricity Markets report supplies market participants with in-depth coverage of Europe’s power sector.

The coverage includes independent price assessments, indices and analysis on the latest market developments, fundamentals data and daily news stories.

The power package add-on includes further commentary and exchange prices for coal and European carbon markets, as well as analysis of fuel switching trends

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Key features

  • Daily and weekly over-the-counter (OTC) price assessments for European power markets
  • A range of indices for UK, Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Netherlands
  • Daily news on the latest market developments
  • Specialist coverage for electricity markets in Turkey, Greece and Bulgaria


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ICIS Power Perspective

Power Perspective is an online tool designed to put power market developments into perspective regarding their price impact. Our experts analyse the cross-border impact of national developments and provide you with a roadmap of market drivers throughout Europe. This empowers you to develop the most profitable strategy for your business.

Our solution enables you to:

  • Anticipate power market developments
  • Predict the impact of government and policy changes
  • Foresee new opportunities and risks across Europe
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Power Analytics

Highly accurate price forecasts and HPFCs for all trading horizons on the German power market – Intraday, day-ahead and long term. The ICIS price forecasts combine a range of modelling techniques, including regression and neural network approaches, to accurately forecast prices in all situations.

ICIS forecasts for national demand deliver highest accuracy by processing an unusually high number of input variables without overfitting, including highest resolution weather data.



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Each market chapter includes:

  • Tradability Index table
  • The state of the OTC market
  • Counterparties
  • Price drivers
  • Supply

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Use ICIS Information to:

  • Access the latest price assessments to assist in buying and selling renewable certificates
  • Analyse developments, including supply and demand, regulatory issues and market dynamics
  • Read about the factors driving prices
  • Get a monthly round-up of the latest developments across the markets

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ICIS Power Index (IPI)

The ICIS Power Index (IPI) gives homes and businesses an insight into price trends on the UK wholesale electricity market.  Robust energy markets are vital to the UK economy, and the IPI makes electricity price trends and activity more visible and accessible to household consumers and commercial buyers, as well as media and policy-makers.

The IPI is published daily by ICIS, an independent authority on UK electricity market pricing, and is available at no charge.

Free trial: 15 min Intra-day Forecast, German Power

The ICIS intra-day forecast is extremely accurate and even simple hypothetical trading strategies enabled high trading profits last year.

See the benefits for yourself with a free, two-month trial to the ICIS intra-day auction forecast and access three daily forecast runs.

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Power Market Overview

Updated to Q4 2017

European electricity markets are nervous going into the winter of 2017 with supply-side risks related to French nuclear production, low hydropower stocks in southern and eastern parts of the continent and high global coal prices all giving market participants cause for concern. Show more

Supply will pick up quarter on quarter however as winter consumption, which must be met minute by minute, ramps up. The impact of coal prices in particular could lift the overall price of electricity because coal-fired power, although on the way to being phased out in Europe, is still vital for meeting high demand over the winter months.

As is always the case, demand will be key to system security over the winter. The timing of any cold snap – whether it hits Europe before or after the New Year, or sometimes on either side – can influence how comfortable the electricity system is when coping. An earlier cold snap can cause issues if followed by another later in the season.

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