Daily prices, analysis and news for the Belgian gas markets and Zeebrugge hub

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ICIS provides spot gas prices and insightful market information for the Belgian gas markets, covering the physical hub Zeebrugge as well as the new virtual hub Zeebrugge Trading Point (ZTP).

The daily insights provide readers with benchmark gas price assessments and indices, as well as analysis and news for the Belgian spot gas markets. The information is published in our European Spot Gas Markets report, which provides the most comprehensive round-up of Europe’s gas markets. The daily report not only informs readers of market developments across the Belgian markets, but also provides a complete picture on 12 established and emerging European gas markets including the British NBP, Dutch TTF as well as the German NCG.

Our gas markets coverage goes further than any other to bring transparency to the European gas markets. The coverage is tightly focused on spot gas trade, giving readers all the information they need to be competitive across the Belgian as well as in other key European gas markets.

The ICIS gas markets coverage for the Belgian ZTP hub provides you with:

  • Four robust indices for the physical Zeebrugge: monthly, monthly cumulative, Day-ahead, and daily monthly ahead
  • 18 price assessments for Zeebrugge, including Day-ahead, Front-month, Front-quarter, Front-season and Front-year
  • Five daily price assessments for the virtual ZTP hub: Day-ahead, Weekend, Front-month, Front-quarter and Front-season
  • Daily news stories on price drivers
  • A detailed list of trades
  • Market commentary and analysis on the latest developments
  • Historical pricing information for Zeebrugge, going back to 1999

Latest zeebrugge trading point news

Podcast: Changing transit gas flows via Belgium

A swathe of dramatic changes to infrastructure and supply in Europe’s key markets have put Belgium at the epicentre of shifting flow patterns in… Wed, 31 May 2017

End in sight for high French PEG Nord gas price premium

Easing gas demand fundamentals in France could pressure contracts at the PEG Nord gas hub next week, bringing prices back in line with the Belgian… Fri, 20 Jan 2017

Expensive Belgian gas prompt premium may be short-lived

High demand for Belgian gas, both domestically and for export to Britain and France, caused a spike of the Belgian ZTP Day-ahead contract over its… Thu, 01 Dec 2016

European OTC gas trading up by a third in Gas Year 2015

Combined over-the-counter (OTC) trading across 11 of Europe’s major hubs rose by a third in Gas Year 2015 to a total of 28,948TWh, according to trade… Tue, 04 Oct 2016

Belgium H-gas exports to the Netherlands likely to continue

Belgian high-calorific natural gas (H-gas) exports to the Netherlands are beginning to ramp up as the ZTP Day-ahead contract has established its… Mon, 09 May 2016

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