ICIS presentations during APIC 2019

During APIC 2019, ICIS staff spoke at the market seminar and several committee sessions. We have now made these valuable and expert insights available for your download. Click on the presentations you would like to download:

  1. Shifting from Market to Product Focus: Discover how the petrochemical industry is evolving to seek greater sustainable credibility as geopolitical, economic and commercial factors come into play. >> Download now

  3. Crude Oil-to-Chemicals (COTC) – Reshaping Asia: Find out how COTC redefines the petrochemical landscape, refinery-petrochemical integration, cost competitiveness and efficiencies. >> Download now

  5. Polymer Business Strategies in the Era of Low Profitability – “Adaptability is the Key”: This presentation highlights how the polymer industry is adapting to greater environmental consciousness and raising consumer awareness following China’s waste plastics import ban and tighter environmental regulations. >> Download now

  7. China vs. Southeast Asia in Styrenics Capacity Investment – Two Scenarios: Understand how the new wave of styrene plants in China will impact the regional styrenics markets. >> Download now

  9. Will China be the New Game Changer in the Global Butadiene Market?: With more butadiene capacities coming on stream next year, will China become a major butadiene (BD) exporter from 2020? Find out if China is set to be the game changer in the Asian BD market and the impact it will have on global trade flows. >> Download now

  11. Asian PX Market Outlook – from the Angle of the PET Value Chain Cycle: This presentation covers how significant capacity additions in China transfer to its self-sufficiency and the impact of Chinese environmental protection policies on the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) value chain. >> Download now

  13. Is Rationalization the Only Way to Sustainability in the Phenol Market?: Due to a supply glut, some phenol plants across the globe were shut or idled from 2014-2018. The presentation highlights what is driving the Asia phenol markets as well as upcoming phenol capacities. >> Download now

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