ICIS at ChinaPlas 2019

How will US polyolefins impact on Asia’s polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) markets? What is currently driving fluctuations in pricing and what are the other hot issues affecting both plastics in Asia?

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Free download: What is happening in the Chinese PP and PE markets?

The US shale boom and its impact on the global PE and PP markets

  • Plants and projects update
  • Overview of the export market, increase in export focus and a review of import/export dynamics for PP
  • Possible impact of trade tensions
  • Lack of feedstock advantage for PP chain
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Asian and Middle Eastern polymer markets brace for shifting trade flows

  • Middle Eastern polymer trade flow impact analysis and future trade flows in Asia
  • Impact of US PE inflow on Asian PE markets, including US-origin PE
  • Impact of rising southeast Asian PP supply on Asian markets and trade flows
  • H2 2019 outlook for Asian polyolefins
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