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The ICIS Dashboard is fully customisable and displays information updates according to your day-to-day information needs. Access the user guides and FAQs below to build your own view of the market intelligence that is most relevant to you.

Account administration

What is my username?

Your user name will be the email you selected when registering for the ICIS Dashboard.

I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Please navigate to the log in page www.icis.com/login you can reset your password by clicking on the Reset Password link.

You’ll be prompted with a new window.

Fill in your email address and you’ll receive a notification via your email where you can reset your account with a new password.

How can I change my password?

Once you are logged into your ICIS Dashboard , you can change your password by clicking on the icon and choosing the Change Password link in the drop down menu.

You’ll be prompted with the window below where you can add the details to reset your password.

How can I add additional users to my subscription?

Please contact your account manager if you wish to add an additional user to your ICIS Dashboard subscription. You can find a list of contacts here.

I need to activate my Licence Key, where do I find this?

Please refer to your original welcome email from ICIS, which contains the licence key and instructions to register. Alternatively please contact the customer support team

I cannot locate a product within my subscription.

All products in your subscription should appear under the quotations preferences window. If you cannot find a product you have subscribed to please contact customer support.

ICIS Dashboard configuration

How can I see price alerts?

Select the commodity in the Quotations window and look for on your Market Updates window.

How many workspaces can I add?

You can create 15 workspaces in addition to the home tab.

Can I move workspaces?

Yes, you can move tabs by dragging and dropping them. Please note that the home tab is fixed and nothing can move to the left of it.

How many additional windows can I create per workspace?

You can add up to 11 windows.

Can I move the windows?

Yes, you can move the windows by dragging and dropping. If you add a Quotations window to a workspace, this window will be fixed and appear at the top of the workspace, however.

How many quotes can I select at one time?

You can select up to 100 quotes from your Quotation Preferences window which will be transferred to your main Quotations window. From there you can then select up to 10 quotes at one time. To download up to 250 quotes in one go, you will need an Excel Plug-In subscription. Ask your account manager or contact csc@icis.com for a subscription.

How do I retrieve and plot historical data?

To retrieve and plot historical data you must first pick your range, units, currency and frequency as needed from the Price History window using the Dashboard Settings icon.

Once you’ve chosen the data you need to click Update.

Why is the data that I selected in the Quotations window not appearing on the Price History window or Market Updates window?

Make sure that the data is linked between the windows. A chain link icon appears on the top right hand side of the Price History window

If the data is linked, the chain link will appear closed

If the data is not linked the chain will appear broken

What are the numbers on the right of the average price and on the left of the price range?

These numbers are deltas. The number on the right is the difference to the high price from the last assessment. The number on the left is the delta to the low price from the last assessment.

Where are the exchange rates?

There is a link to the exchange rates in the dropdown menu of the icon, on the right hand side of the screen.

How do I set up Market Alerts to receive email notifications?

You can now set up email alerts for all your chemical, fertilizer and the energy markets –natural gas, LNG and power.

  1. Log into your Dashboard here
  2. In the Market Updates window, click on the envelope icon – this will open a window with a list of products available for you, allowing you to enable your Market Alerts by email.
  3. Choose the markets you would like to receive email alerts about by switching the “on” button to green.

Please note that alerts will be sent from alerts@icis.com. Make sure that you exclude this address from your spam filters in order to have timely access to your selected market updates.

Formula Builder

How to set up formulas on the Dashboard


Alerts Manager

How to set up Price Alerts


How to set up Market Alerts and Summary Alerts


Mobile Access

ICIS Dashboard customers can also access customised data, news and reports on the move via the ICIS mobile web app. You can find out more here.

Browser support

Publishing schedule and subscription details

How do I get notified if there has been a price adjustment/correction?

Any report correction notification will be displayed in the Messages from ICIS tab.

Where can I find the publishing schedule?

There is a link located at the bottom of the screen, under your opened windows. Alternatively please access this link https://www.icis.com/about/publishing-schedule/

Why is my report not available?

Please check the publishing schedule to find out when a report will be available.

Where do I find the product methodology?

Access the Methodology link located at the bottom of the screen under your opened windows. Alternatively to find out the methodology used by ICIS for a specific product please refer to the links below:

How can I see previously published reports?

You can access previously published reports via the Reports channel. Access the Reports tab via the navigation bar on the top left. Choose the report that you want to view, click on the dropdown menu and choose the date required. Click View to access the report on the Dashboard or Select if you want to Download the report.

You can view up to four weeks of data and download reports as pdfs.

How can I download a report as a pdf?

Please navigate to the Report screen by clicking on the Report tab in the top navigation bar. You can select individual reports from the list or choose to download all reports by clicking on the Download all button on the left column

Where can I find the glossary with all the terms used?

Why can’t I access a related article?

You may not be subscribed to the specific product

If I’m subscribing to ICIS Dashboard and ICIS News, can I read all the news through the dashboard?

Yes, you will be able to read all news if you have a subscription to ICIS news through the Market Updates window. Just select All news from the drop-down menu.

Download Dashboard
User Guide- Energy


Download Dashboard
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Support & feedback

If you have any issues with the ICIS Dashboard please contact us on:

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Toll free US and Canada:
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