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6 August 2018
China increases gas pressure – Beijing is ready to introduce duties on American LNG more »

6 August 2018
Squeeze on UK energy providers raises fear of shake-out more »

18 July 2018
Dutch CO2 price floor to have little impact – analysts More »

25 June 2018
From Gydan to Busan – Koreans can get 10% of “Arctic LNG” more »

22 June 2018 09:45
The coming biofuel revolution More »

19 June 2018
Due to the accelerated commissioning of the Yamal LNG lines, NOVATEK is urgently looking for tankers more »

19 June 2018
CO2 shortage sparks fears over World Cup beer supplies More »

16 June 2018
British reliance on French energy increases by more than quarter More »

3 June 2018
Energy upstarts may be blown away – and everyone will suffer More »

23 May 2018
The Right Mix: How Yogesh Mehta Built Petrochem Middle East Into An Industry Leader More »

08 May 2018
China Oil Imports Rise to Record as Refiners Stock Before Summit More »

02 May 2018
Carl Mortished: Big oil will be in big trouble if plastic becomes a dirty word More »

28 March 2018
Subsidy-free renewable projects on ‘cusp of breakthrough’ More »

19 March 2018
UK’s energy system at risk of attack by Russian state More »

16 March 2018
Return of the ‘Beast from the East’: How secure are Britain’s gas supplies? More »

07 March 2018
Electricity prices hit 10-year high as cheap wind power wanes More »

28 February 2018
Gas prices surge as ‘Beast from the East’ grips Britain More »

06 July 2017
First LNG shipment to have Britain cooking on US shale gas More »

05 July 2017
National Grid to import LNG from US shale for the first time More »

04 June 2017
Gulf petchem operators to look overseas for projects and acquisitions More »

03 June 2017
Money Box Live: Energy pricing More »

26 May 2017
Solar power reaches a record high as it surges past nuclear and coal More »

12 April 2017
UK’s Rough gas storage site goes offline More »

11 April 2017
Energy suppliers’ market costs hit two-year high as political crackdown looms More »

05 March 2017
Will the US Lead the LNG Pack? 10 Energy Thought Leaders Weigh In More »

20 February 2017
Shell defies doubters by predicting boom for liquefied natural gas? More »

19 February 2017
UK in line for American gas imports – but not from US shale More »

14 January 2017
The era of cheap food and fuel comes to an end More »

11 January 2017
Gas and power prices soar amid supply challenges More »

11 January 2017
Cold snap will test energy suppliers More »

11 January 2017
Blog: Variable tariff customers set for spring price hikes as wholesale energy prices continue to climb More »

07 January 2017
GCC plastic manufacturers look to new markets including Africa More »

14th December 2016
Energy prices expected to rise 5pc in 2017 – check our guide to today’s cheapest deals More »

13 December 2016
How Britain’s central heating reserve is running low more More »

16th September 2016
Watch Zoe Double on BBC News discussing the Power market in light of the go-ahead for Hinkley Point. 12.45min More »

16th September 2016
Great coverage with Zoe Double on BBC Radio 5 live Drive discussing the Power market in light of the go-ahead for Hinkley Point. 2h9mins More »

14 September 2016
UK heatwave drives electricity market to multi-year highs More »

26 August 2016
Energy price surge to hit independent suppliers More »

19 July
Rough testing sets fire under gas prices More »

15 July
UK faces winter gas crunch following storage shutdown More »

15 July
Major gas store shutdown prolonged More »

15 July
UK faces winter gas crunch following storage shutdown More »

15 July 2016
Brexit vote helps push gas and power prices to nine-month highs More »

12 July 2016
Energy bills start to rise as suppliers scrap 15 of the best deals – but households can still save £315 by switching More »

08 July 2016
BBC Business Live: A look at the global business stories More »

08 July 2016
Good morning Scotland: A look at today’s news and business stories More »

08 July 2016
Brexit pushes UK energy prices towards nine-month highs More »

04 July 2016
UK coal generation halves, reaching ‘record low’ Read more »

29 June 2016
Low oil price the real threat to North Sea, Scottish independence or not? Read more »

24 June 2016
Gas prices jump after UK’s main storage site shuts for safety checks Read more »

15 June 2016
Energy prices start to rise as wholesale costs rebound Read more »

13 June 2016
UK to double French energy supplies with new cable Read more »

09 June 2016
‘Intense competition’ for European gas buyers expected as global glut continues Read more »

07 June 2016
Oil at $50 Won’t Save Struggling GCC Countries: Moody’s Read more »

06 June 2016
Professionals Comment on Rising Renewable Investment Read more »

06 June 2016
Saudi Aramco curbs oil price hikes as it seeks to defend market share Read more »

23 May 2016
Gas generation in Britain set for ‘comeback’: ICIS Read more »

26 April 2016
Saudi Arabia’s Aramco valued at more than £1 trillion ahead of stock market debut Read more »

26 April 2016
Saudi Aramco to Become Holding Company With Listed Subsidiaries Read more »

18 April 2016
Oil market confidence shaken as Opec talks collapse More »

18 April 2016
With gas prices at rock bottom levels, why are energy bills not plunging? More »

15 April 2016 10:21
News story of the week: Taiwan’s FPC raises PVC offers, others likely to follow suit. More »

13 April 2016
Up in smoke: Wholesale fuel prices lowest for a decade but household bills have doubled in cost since then More »

13 April 2016
Fall in wholesale energy costs prompts call for price cuts More »

13 April 2016
Gas prices at 10-year lows fuel demands for energy price cuts More »

13 April 2016
Power firms ‘ripping us off by £1.7billion a year’: Big Six face fresh allegations after wholesale energy prices hit ten-year low More »

13 April 2016
Energy companies called to cut bills as gas and electricity prices drop to nine-year low More »

13 April 2016
Gas and electricity wholesale prices drop to lowest level in nearly a DECADE More »

13 April 2016
With gas prices at rock bottom levels, why are energy bills not plunging? More »

30th March 2016
Crucial North Sea gas pipe could be shut as American energy giant threatens to pull the plug More »

25th March 2016
SSE dividend ‘precarious’ as market outlook worsens More »

22nd March 2016
US shale already setting UK gas prices, say analysts more »

15 March 2016
Oil Price Recovery: Please Remember 2015 More »

13 March 2016
Growth of renewables led to increased hedging in 2015 More »

18 February 2016
Fuel’s gold: Big Six hog power savings as wholesale costs slumped 27% in 2015 More »

18 February 2016
Low gas prices mean UK firms could see energy bills tumble by 20pc More »

17 February 2016
Major oil producers agree to freeze output More »

16 February 2016
KSA, Qatar and other oil producers agree output freeze More »

16 February 2016
Saudi, Russia agree to freeze oil production More »

16 February 2016
Nigeria to meet Saudi and Qatar in the wake of OPEC production freeze More »

16 February 2016
EU’s energy security package More »

20th January 2016
E.ON slammed for doing too little too late, despite being first of Big Six to cut bills More »

20th January 2016
Energy firms ‘must play fair with customers and pass on savings’ More »

20th January 2016
Energy firm E.On cuts gas prices by 5.1% More »

18 January 2016 12:05
ICIS Relaunches Carbon Market Portals More »

16 January 2016
Big six energy companies are ripping off United Kingdom, says watchdog More »

16 January 2016
Big six energy firms are overcharging customers, says watchdog More »

15 January 2016
Energy suppliers under increased pressure to lower prices More »

15 January 2016
Ofgem boss joins price cut calls More »

15 January 2016
Energy firms are overcharging customers by up to £300, admits regulator More »

15 January 2016
Energy firms overcharging customers, says Ofgem More »

15 January 2016
Falling energy prices? This is the best way to take advantage… More »

15 January 2016
Watchdog accuses energy firms of overcharging More »

15 January 2016
Taking us for fuels: Energy firms blasted as bills are £120 too high More »

15 January 2016
Pressure mounts on ‘Big Six’ energy firms to cut bills More »

15 January 2016
Scottish Power & SSE rated amongst worst power suppliers in UK for consumer satisfaction again More »

14 January 2016
Wholesale Gas and Power Prices Fall Further with Mild Winter More »

14 January 2016
Energy providers’ costs hit five-year low More »

14 January 2016
Firms urged to lower energy bills after dip in wholesale prices More »

14 January 2016
Energy firms urged to cut bills after wholesale prices fall More »

14 January 2016
Wholesale gas prices will continue to fall in 2016: analysts More »

14 January 2016
‘Big Six’ energy giants under pressure to cut households’ bills by 10% as wholesale prices hit a five-year low More »

15 December 2015
Energy firms’ costs ‘hit five-year low more »

15 December 2015
Energy firms urged to lower bills after another dip in wholesale prices more »

15 December 2015
How energy giants could cut our bills by £175 per household: Families shortchanged by £3bn a year because drops in wholesale prices have not been passed on more »

15 December 2015
Energy companies are facing fresh calls to lower bills as figures claim wholesale prices for the UK are at a five-year low more »

15 December 2015
Energy firms urged to cut bills after wholesale prices fall more »

15 December 2015
Firms urged to lower energy bills after dip in wholesale prices more »

15 December 2015
Fat cat energy bosses made £12MILLION last year while you got ripped off more »

09 December 2015
ICIS points out complexities hindering emissions trading more »

08 December 2015
Daily Mail: Oil collapses to seven-year low: Petrol prices forecast to fall below £1 a litre across Britain in time for Christmas more »

24 November 2015
The Baltic Course: The planned expansion of Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea is an expensive project that is not needed in Europe more »

20 November 2015 09:56
The Telegraph: Gas prices to stay low for the rest of the decade, Government forecasts  more »

27 October 2015
Utility Week: Ofgem’s £45m market reforms fail to increase trade more » 

22 October 2015
OilVoice: Oil Analysts Should Have Taken ‘O Level’ History In The 1970s more » 

22 October 2015
Utility Week: SSE to return 735MW gas plant in time for winter more » 

21 October 2015
Money Saving Expert: Energy firms defiant after big suppliers are slammed for failing to pass on plunging wholesale gas and electricity costs more » 

21 October 2015
OilVoice: Oil price rally disappears along with hopes of more stimulus more » 

19 October 2015
The Sun : Taking us for fuels! more » 

16 October 2015
The Telegraph: Falling energy prices? This is the best way to take advantage… more » 

15 October 2015
Wake Up to Money: Power market insights on National Grid Winter Outlook and capacity gap more » 

15 October 2015
The Telegraph: EDF: Low power price ‘irrelevant’ to Hinkley Point nuclear deal more » 

15 October 2015
Utility Week: Market players trade power at a premium due to ‘renewables risk’ more » 

13 October 2015
Utility Week: UK gas generators to profit despite record low power prices more » 

13 October 2015
OilVoice: Oil Market Muddle Continues Because Of Wrong Focus more » 

08 October 2015
OilVoice: US Oil Exports And The Struggle For Jobs more » 

07 October 2015
OilVoice: Oil stocks at record levels as demand growth slows, supply rises more » 

05 October 2015
OilVoice: The Price Of Oil: Another Huge Historical Shift more » 

05 October 2015
The Times: Britain may have to ‘go Dutch’ to avoid blackouts more » 

02 October 2015
Energy Live News: UK energy prices lowest since 2010 more » 

02 October 2015
The Times: Biomass switch to rescue power station more » 

02 October 2015
BBC Radio 4 Today Programme: Head of Power, ICIS, Zoe Double on power prices more » 

25 September 2015
Utility Week: Drax to axe future White Rose CCS plans more » 

10 September 2015
OilVoice: Five Misunderstandings About Oil And Maybe A Sixth One more » 

04 September 2015
OilVoice: Oil Prices: A Turkey Becomes Airborne, Danger Ahead more » 

02 September 2015
OilVoice: It’s Insane But Why Not? Oil Back at $100 By Christmas more » 

01 September 2015
Money Saving Expert: Energy prices may fall in coming months’ more » 

24 August 2015
Utility Week: Winter’s gas-fired power profits almost double more » 

13 August 2015 14:10
Featured articles on the Yuan devaluation: Why it happened, what it means and what’s in store for global petrochemicals more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS in Energy Live News: Wholesale gas and power prices lowest in five years more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS in Utility Week: Energy market prices at record lows as calls for price cuts rise more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS on Yahoo News: Energy Wholesale Costs ‘At Five-Year Low’ more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS on Sky News: Energy Wholesale Costs ‘At Five-Year Low’ more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS in The Mirror: Energy suppliers ‘ripping off’ millions by refusing to cut bills despite wholesale prices crashing to five year low more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS on BBC Today programme, Radio Four: Wake Up To Money, Radio Five Live (17:50 minutes in) more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS in The Telegraph: Energy firms ‘must cut prices’ as Grexit fears help push wholesale costs to five-year-low more » 

03 July 2015
ICIS in City AM: Fellow watchdog to slam Ofgem over tariffs policy more » 

03 July 2015 09:00
Wholesale gas and power prices hit their lowest in five years more »