ICIS Monterrey Energy Outlook Seminar

The facts, risks and opportunities.

16 January 2020 | 4pm – 6pm | Camino Real Hotel | Monterrey, Mexico.

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Following a year of policy revision from a new populist government, the outlook for Mexico’s energy sector remains opaque in 2020.

In the absence of a renewed top-down commitment to promoting further market deregulation, private actors are instead taking the initiative by developing commercial opportunities on a bilateral, peer-to-peer basis.

Auctions for new power contracts are now being organised by private companies looking to match buyers with sellers, while natural gas consumers continue to show an appetite to take control of their own supply destiny by moving away from state incumbents.

Given these changes, the need for transparency in the Mexican energy market is greater than ever before. With this in mind, ICIS is proud to host its first ever Monterrey energy outlook seminar on January 16th, in association with partner Industry Exchange.

The seminar will include a review of data from the first three years of the ICIS Mexico power price survey, which has been providing independent and transparent price signals to the electricity sector since 2017.

ICIS will also explore the pricing environment for natural gas and LNG, putting some of the unique conditions in Mexico under the spotlight against a global backdrop. Our experts will also provide outlooks on the changing supply and demand fundamentals in both the power and gas markets through 2020.

Join our thought leaders as they provide the latest analysis for suppliers and consumers alike looking to adapt their commercial strategies to the new realities of the Mexican Energy Sector.

Meet the speakers

James Fowler

Senior Energy Analyst

Claudia Espinosa

ICIS Editor, Mexico Energy Report


  • Gain an understanding of ICIS’ attempts to bring transparency to Mexico’s power and gas markets.
  • Receive first-hand knowledge and unparalleled market insight from key industry experts.
  • Network with industry leaders, traders and analysts from across Mexico and the wider North American region.