ICIS Webinar: Advanced insights into technical analysis

How confident are you with your technical analysis? Are you interested in gaining key insights from the leading technical analysis content and software providers?

As energy markets grow even more complex, it is important to make sure that you are making the best trading decisions possible, by using both technical and fundamental analysis to understand movements in your markets.

During this webinar, which aired live on Tuesday 17 September 2019, ICIS and Tradesignal Ltd. explore advanced technical analysis insights and explain how you can optimise your analysis to get the most out of your pre-session routine.

Topics included:

  • How ICIS is using Tradesignal to identify the most reliable technical indicators and candlestick patterns
  • What indicators are performing best?
  • ICIS buy/sell ratio – how can traders and analysts use it to derive indicators?
  • What is the value of using technical analysis alongside fundamentals?



About the Speakers

Marcello Kolax, team lead – senior technical analyst

Marcello Kolax leads the technical analysis team at ICIS and is the lead author of the daily technical analysis report. Marcello is a certified technician and obtained his qualification with the Society of Technical Analysts. He has previously covered for ICIS the German and Dutch wholesale natural gas hubs.



Jack Tierney, senior quantitative analyst, Tradesignal Ltd.

Jack Tierney is a senior quantitative analyst at Tradesignal Ltd, based in London. He is responsible for consulting with institutional clients and aiding them within Tradesignal, working with them in the development of algorithmic trading strategies. Prior to his post, Jack studied as a classical pianist and composer, before becoming a certified technical analyst and programmer. Jack is able to apply his creative flair to systematic strategies, along with signal and indicator research within financial markets.


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