ICIS Webinar: Separating fact from fiction: What is the reality for the future of global plastic waste recycling?

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This webinar took place on 15th May 2019. To watch the recording and download the slides, please fill in your details through clicking on the above link.


The market and outlook for recycled plastic waste is complex. Between EU directives and legislative changes, brand pledges and targets, the ambitions and promises are vast. But can these commitments be met when volumes of recycled product are too low to meet demand and sourcing volumes of quality product remains challenging?

Where will supply come from, how are markets for recycled raw material developing and what are the implications for virgin plastic producers?

Join our team of experts for a live webinar as they discuss this and other challenges facing producers, manufacturers and other market players.


Helen McGeough – Recycled PET

  • Current market situation: Drivers and supply demand dynamics
  • Impact of regulation and legislative changes
  • Overview of brand pledges – how can targets be met?
  • Impact on prices
  • Long-term outlook and analysis for recycling, PET and future investments

Mark Victory – Recycled PE

  • Current market situation: Drivers and impact on prices
  • Evolution of the R-PE market
  • The next step for recycled PE?

Fabrizio Galié – The impact of recycled product demand on virgin material producers

  • How waste management and recycling will impact supply and demand volumes
  • Perspectives on market penetration for post-consumer recycled plastics


Webinar presenters:

Helen McGeough

Helen McGeough, Senior Consultant, ICIS

BA (Hons) Business Studies graduate from Nottingham Trent University

Over 20 years’ experience in consultancy, having worked initially in the Digital Technology industry and for the past 14 years in recycled PET within Wood Mackenzie (previously PCI). Led market analysis and consulting for global recycled PET markets. Achievements include:


  • Developed supply demand database for recycled PET markets, including forecasts for collection, reclamation and end use of recycled PET products
  • Responsible for monthly coverage of recycled PET market including price discovery, analysis of market developments and regulatory developments
  • Generated price forecasts for recycled PET flake and food grade pellets by key regions

Mark Victory

Mark Victory, Senior Editor, Manager, ICIS

Mark Victory is the Senior Editor for recycling at ICIS, and is dedicated to expanding our coverage across the sector. Mark joined ICIS in 2008 and has been the editor for 23 separate petrochemical and fertilizer markets. He was also the chief editor of the ICIS Global Automotive report.

Most recently Mark has been developing the Europe recycled polyethylene report due to launch late May. Before working at ICIS, Mark covered structured products, international bonds and commercial paper markets.

Fabrizio Galie

Fabrizio Galie, Senior Consultant, ICIS

Fabrizio Galie is the global lead of Polymers insight for ICIS Consulting’s petrochemical division. With 14 years’ experience in the petrochemical business, he has completed various projects providing market and commercial analyses, industry studies and strategic planning to clients including petrochemical and investment firms, financial institutions and consulting companies around the globe.

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