ICIS Webinar: What’s next for Brexit and chemicals?

10 December 2019, 11:00am GMT

With a UK election due to be held on 12 December, the country is still far from resolving its exit from the European Union, more than three years after the Brexit referendum. In this update to our March 2019 webinar, we will map out possible post-election scenarios and what they could mean for UK and European petrochemicals. We also look in detail at possible trade deals and examine the impact Brexit could have on regulation and trade.

Listen to Ready For Brexit chairman, Paul Hodges; ICIS deputy news editor, Tom Brown and ICIS Chemical Business Deputy Editor, Will Beacham.

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  • Update on the political situation, possible scenarios, how to prepare for Brexit
  • Trade deal scenarios and tariffs
  • Impact on UK and Europe petrochemicals


Webinar presenters:

Paul Hodges
Chairman of Ready for Brexit (RfB)

Paul publishes ‘The pH Report’ and serves as a Global Expert with the World Economic Forum. He is a regular speaker at international conferences, and writes regularly for the Financial Times and other leading media. He has been widely recognised for his pioneering work in identifying the impact of ageing BabyBoomers on the economy, and for his foresight in warning of the 2008 financial crisis.

Will Beacham
Deputy Editor, ICIS Chemical Business

Will Beacham is part of the ICIS news team and deputy editor of ICIS Chemical Business, the e-magazine that is a weekly summary of all the important chemicals news and analysis published by ICIS. Will started his career at ICIS in 2000 as a reporter and then news editor at European Chemical News. This later merged with US and Asian titles to become the global magazine. As a senior member of the ICIS editorial team, Will has developed a deep understanding of the market trends driving the chemical industry. He has a particular interest in the challenges and opportunities facing the sector in Europe.

Will has been writing about Brexit and what it means for chemicals since the referendum in 2016. He also set up the ICIS Brexit editorial topic page which is a central resource for data and news on the subject. Because of its importance, not just to the UK but Europe and beyond, Brexit has regularly featured as the magazine cover story.

Tom Brown
Deputy Editor, ICIS News

Tom is the deputy editor of ICIS’ European news team, covering developments across the global chemicals industry since 2012, with a focus on macroeconomics, mergers and acquisitions and investment projects. A business journalist since 2008, he has covered project finance, private equity and venture capital, African business and renewable energy and cleantech in the past, all of which continue to arise in coverage of the fast-moving chemicals sector.



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