Gain a holistic view of the energy and chemical markets impacting a stock’s performance

The timely issuance of an accurate stock recommendation successfully balances a thorough understanding of long-term, fundamental drivers against the critical analysis of real-time market events. Achieving this balance requires a holistic approach to covering the global energy and chemical markets.

A clear understanding of correlations between chemical prices and stock performance, long-term analytics, and real-time news and insight allows for an effective and robust model to be created; facilitating accurate earnings forecasts, improving inter-team data flow and promoting credibility amongst buy-side customers.

ICIS provides a unique combination of data, news and analytics which sits at the heart of the energy and chemical industries. Our end-to-end market coverage is relied upon by bulge bracket investment banks, boutique brokerages and major asset managers across the globe to not only support their need to provide accurate forecasts, but also to enhance their organisations credibility and corporate relationships.

Accurate Pricing

Refine your statistical models, establish trends and identify actionable correlations between energy and chemical markets and the stocks you cover.

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Dynamic Analytics

Fine-tune statistical inputs, enhance forecasting models and interrogate your data points to maximise the accuracy of your forecasts.

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Critical News

Expand your corporate conversations and deepen your market analysis and with real-time, critical market news.

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Expert Insight

Justify forecasts and recommendations by utilising on-demand the industry’s leading experts in energy and chemical markets.

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