Comprehensive and connected market intelligence across the recycled and virgin plastics value chains puts you in the best position to navigate shifting market dynamics and make the most sustainable business decisions.

Our role at the heart of plastics materials markets, makes us the perfect partner for those involved in the sourcing of plastics for packaging. With price benchmarks for the key plastics commodities, including polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP), as well as a comprehensive coverage of recycled plastics, we give a connected view of virgin and recycled plastics supply chains so you can make better informed materials choices. Understand the impact of market conditions and respond to changes in supply and demand dynamics, so that you can successfully move towards your sustainability goals whilst managing costs and margins.

Across global plastics markets, leading players rely on our price benchmarks and market expertise, using our analytics and actionable insight to react quickly to changing market conditions, adapt strategies and plan ahead for the future.

Materials selection, sourcing and pricing is critical, particularly in the face of volatile market dynamics and the connected view of markets that ICIS gives through the plastics value chain, regionally and globally, gives you the insights you can act on to make better and more sustainable commercial decisions.

Unrivalled price benchmarks, analytics and actionable insight to navigate markets and plan for the future

Pricing intelligence for all key plastics commodities, plus information about market drivers, fluctuations and historical data

News and regular updates to monitor the impact of market events, as well as shifting policies and regulation

Analytics to enable you to plan for the future and optimise your positioning

Forecasts – For reliable pricing data enabling you to plan your budgets with confidence

mailUnderstand recycled resin supply and demand opportunities, with a
comprehensive set of data from
a source you can trust.
Develop a more robust sourcing strategy today

Realise sustainability goals

The combination of sustainability targets, keeping informed about the impact of changing policy and legislation, and materials selection, makes it ever more challenging to manage sourcing strategies. We connect the view of plastics value chains and provide an unrivalled level of data and insight into plastics raw materials markets enabling better-informed decisions that will help move your company closer towards sustainability goals.

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Partnering with FMCGs to understand and react to all relevant market drivers

In a cost-sensitive and volatile market maintain a competitive edge and manage costs with access to up to 47 relevant industry chemicals and negotiate from a robust standpoint. Utilise the extensive current and historical pricing data, news and forward-looking analytics for your plastics key cost drivers and optimise your plastics sourcing and procurement operations.

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What our customers say:

See how our powerful market analytics, tailored data and pricing information have benefited organisations just like yours to make impactful and sustainable procurement decisions.

ICIS provides us with a forward-looking view of markets that only a large team of global expert analysts and editors could possibly deliver. The insight and analytics we receive from ICIS are essential in shaping our own analyses and identifying when and where we can buy our packaging feedstock at the best price. Of particular value to the WIPF team is the analytics ICIS provides, which helps us to assess current and future changes in production capacities across regions, and how these will impact availability of supply. We estimate that we are saving 4 to 6% each year across our budget for raw feedstock, thanks to enhanced purchase strategies supported by ICIS data and insight.

We believe that the team at ICIS understands our needs and supports these efficiently. Partnering with ICIS gives us real confidence that we are making truly sustainable purchasing decisions that support our international business

Hansruedi Schafflützel
Head of Flexible Packaging WIPF Group


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