LIVE WEBINAR – Panel Discussion: Sustainability in the PET Value Chain

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Join Helen McGeough, Senior Analyst, Plastics Recycling and Matt Tudball, Senior Editor, Recycling in discussion around the biggest topic dominating the PET industry today – Sustainability. As consumers continue to demand sustainable and recyclable products, how is this impacting the value chain?

Join this expert-led discussion to hear the latest figures on recycled material in the market, consumer demands for sustainability and initiatives from a big brand name. Save your questions as these experts will be ready to answer them during this panel discussion.


  • How has the European Commission’s strategy for plastics regulations impacted PET producers, converters, recyclers and brand owners?
  • Inside look at the latest sustainability initiatives of a large brand name
  • Insights into current supply and demand dynamics of recycled resin versus virgin resin


Meet the experts

Helen McGeough
Senior Analyst, Plastics Recycling, ICIS
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Helen McGeough is the Lead on Plastics Recycling for ICIS. Helen has extensive experience of the recycling industry and business having worked in the sector for over 14 years. Helen specializes in recycled PET with in-depth knowledge and analysis in this commodity plastic.

Helen leads market analysis and consulting for global recycled PET markets, working with contacts across the supply chain from collection, reclamation through to end users. She has over 20 years’ experience in consultancy, having worked initially in the Digital Technology industry and for the past 14 years in recycled PET within ICIS and Wood Mackenzie (previously PCI). Prior to joining ICIS Helen has developed supply demand database for recycled PET markets, including forecasts for collection, reclamation and end use of recycled PET products. She has been responsible for monthly coverage of recycled PET market including price discovery, analysis of market developments and regulatory developments. Helen has generated price forecasts for recycled PET flake and food grade pellets by key regions. Helen has delivered multiple custom studies in the recycling area, assisting investment and strategy development for parties within the recycled PET supply. With ICIS, she will build the coverage of recycled plastics through her previous experience and expertise. Helen is the author of the ICIS R-PET Analytics service launched in May 2019 and is responsible for driving content-specific contributions to ICIS services. Helen has been a speaker at conferences and seminars on R-PET in Europe, North America and Asia.

Helen has a Degree in Business Studies from Nottingham Trent University, UK.

Matt Tudball
Senior Editor, Recycling, ICIS
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Matt Tudball is the Senior Editor for Recycled PET at ICIS. Matt joined ICIS in 2012, covering several markets including African and Turkish polymers. Matt spent two years in the Commercial Strategy team, leading customer development and engagement activates across Europe, before returning to the Editorial team in 2019. As part of the wider ICIS Sustainability team, Matt focuses on the increasingly important role recycling and sustainability plays in the wider petrochemicals market, and is helping develop new products and tools which will bring better insight and analysis to this fast-growing sector.