US polyethylene intensifies competition in global markets

US PE export prices have not been this low in ten years. What does this mean for the market?

A surge in new US PE capacities along the Gulf, and intended for export, has coincided with a decrease in demand.

Combined with recession fears and trade tensions, uncertainty is pervading the PE market, prompting US and Middle Eastern suppliers – the world’s low-cost leaders – to compete for market share around the globe.

On 22nd October 2019, ICIS PE market expert Zachary Moore discussed these developments in a global context.

Watch the webinar recording to find out what impact you can anticipate for your business going forward.

Topics included in the webinar:

  • US PE export prices falling to lowest levels in a decade as supply grows
  • Massive wave of new investments in the US Gulf Coast
  • How have trade tensions between the US and China influenced the export market?



About the Speakers

Zachary Moore, Deputy Managing Editor, Americas, ICIS Houston Editorial

Zachary Moore joined ICIS in June of 2016 and has been working in the petrochemical industry for the past eleven years. Zachary has covered a wide range of petrochemical products including polyolefins, aromatics and aromatics derivatives and has worked in Asia and the Middle East in addition to his time in the US.

Zachary currently serves as Deputy Managing Editor for ICIS in the Americas

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