Global Chemicals Outlook 2020 – Videos

walking-business-man-hand-outlook 2020 will be a pivotal year for the global petrochemical sector, our experts share their insights on what to expect in key product chains, crucial trends and factors propelling markets forward in 2020 for Europe, Asia, the US, and the Middle East.

Discover how critical market dynamics will play out on the global stage.

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Year-end cheer for urea but challenges await in 2020

Senior Editor Manager Deepika Thapliyal discusses the outlook for the global urea market in 2020.

European phenol and acetone – out of the storm but headwinds remain

ICIS markets reporter Fergus Jensen discusses the price trends for both materials, noting that their performance in 2020 will depend on whether producers can maintain low output levels.

Phosphates market looks ahead to 2020 following challenging year

Senior phosphates editor Sylvia Traganida talks about the main issues affecting the phosphates market and the global outlook for 2020.

M&A outlook weighed by economic downturn

According to ICIS deputy Europe news editor Tom Brown, a flurry of late-2019 deals, the environment is likely to continue to be bearish through the early months of 2020 at least.

Changing supply routes a key concern for European glycerine and biodiesel

In the downstream glycerine market, supply expectations are mixed as a result of the growing feedstock substitution in biodiesel. Markets Editor Samantha Wright runs through what market players can expect in 2020.

Europe PO contract adder drops on bearish demand

ICIS Senior Editor Jane Gibson discusses the outlook for the propylene oxide (PO) market in 2020 after the contract adder dropped significantly following a triple-digit increase last year.

Three factors to watch for Europe base oils

The European base oils market saw higher feedstock costs and compressed margins take hold in 2019. Senior Editor, Manager Vicky Ellis runs through the three key trends to look out for in 2020.