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PODCAST: US shale producers crippled by the coronavirus pandemic
High breakevens and vast sums of maturing debt left US shale producers exposed to the oil price crash of 2020. Global Crude Oil Deputy Editor Richard Price, Oil Market Reporter Andrew Putwain and Senior Editor Ignacio Sotolongo discuss US shale, and why the industry was hit so hard… 26 June 2020

PODCAST: Renewables pose challenge to Dutch, Belgian balancing – EnAppSys
Lower demand due to the coronavirus and soaring renewable production have increased instability in the Dutch and Belgian power balancing markets, with a higher incidence of negative prices. ICIS market reporter Tasmin Chowdhary examines this trend more closely with Jean-Paul Harreman, director at energy consultancy EnAppSys, and discusses the wider implications… 22 June 2020

PODCAST: LNG changes in the Middle East
Qatar reserved slots at South Korean shipyards for more than 100 new building LNG carriers through to 2027 earlier in June, after it postponed in February the selection of partners in its expansion project from the end of the first quarter to September… 17 June 2020

PODCAST: China’s LNG demand bounces back after coronavirus
Low spot LNG prices in Asia have opened the door for independent Chinese buyers to step up imports over the summer. ICIS Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and China market expert Hendrian Sukardi discuss the outlook for China’s demand as the truck LNG sector takes on more expensive pipe gas imports…. 11 June 2020

PODCAST: France VS Italy: A summer power outlook following eased lockdown restrictions
After enforcing two of the strictest lockdowns in Europe, Italy and France are slowly reopening their economies, but what does this mean for their power demand? Market reporter Tasmin Chowdhary discusses with ICIS French reporter Laura Mendes and Italian reporter Federica Di Sario the summer outlook for these markets… 04 June 2020

PODCAST: German policy changes pave way for renewables expansion
Recent policy amendments agreed by the German government could stimulate future growth in solar and onshore wind capacity. Market reporters Tasmin Chowdhary and Varoon Kumar discuss the changes as well as the uncertainties about whether these can help meet long-term renewable and climate goals… 28 May 2020

PODCAST: Technologies making hydrogen more cost-effective
Pilot developments using offshore wind power to generate green hydrogen are starting to take off. ICIS market reporters Tasmin Chowdhary and Jake Stones explore these new technologies that will help reduce the cost of green hydrogen, bringing this low-carbon fuel one step closer to large-scale integration… 21 May 2020

PODCAST: Gazprom’s gas export cuts and the impact on LNG
Pipeline gas flows into Europe have been cut across the board in April. This has opened the door for more LNG into the market. In this podcast, Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and Senior LNG Analyst Tom Manser discuss the role that lower Russian exports to Europe could have in 2020 and the outlook for the broader market balance… 07 May 2020

PODCAST: US LNG cancellations
Poor economics and low demand mean a raft of US cargoes for June loading have been cancelled. ICIS Editors Ed Cox and Ruth Liao analyse what has happened and the outlook for further cancellations… 23 April 2020

PODCAST: The underwhelming OPEC+ deal and impending storage crisis
The recent deal by OPEC+ members to cut production has underwhelmed the market, which reacted bearishly on the news. Richard Price, global crude oil deputy editor and Andrew Putwain, energy reporter, discuss this as well as the impending storage crisis in the latest ICIS energy podcast… 20 April 2020

PODCAST: ICIS cuts LNG demand forecasts for East Asia
The worsening outlook for the Asian economies in 2020 will mean lower LNG demand from Japan, China and South Korea. Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and LNG analyst Tom Manser discuss recent changes to the LNG Edge forecast and the broader outlook for demand… 09 April 2020

PODCAST: A month-long lockdown: how did the Italian power market react?
As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Italy remains the hardest hit country in Europe. ICIS Italian gas reporter Marta Del Buono and Italian power reporter Federica Di Sario discuss what severe restrictions have meant for both power and gas, and what could happen next for energy markets… 08 April 2020

PODCAST: OPEC+ meeting delay: oil market impact
The OPEC+ meeting has been moved to later in the week amid more uncertainty in the market. Global crude editor Sophie Udubasceanu and market reporter Andrew Putwain discuss the latest move, which has sent crude futures prices down again as they struggle with weak buying, and what the meeting could achieve… 07 April 2020

PODCAST: ICIS Cross-Commodity Podcast
With energy prices under downward pressure and oil markets volatile, the ICIS Energy Editorial team takes a cross-commodity look at key demand drivers into the summer… 02 April 2020

PODCAST: Outlook: global oil market in turmoil
The coronavirus is ripping through markets, slashing demand across the globe whilst Saudi Arabia and Russia battle for market share. Global Oil Editor Sophie Udubasceanu and Oil Expert Richard Price discuss this unprecedented series of events, how market players are looking to exploit the shift in market dynamics and what’s to come… 26 March 2020

PODCAST: Introduction to hydrogen as a low-carbon fuel
Hydrogen has been gaining traction in the energy sector recently. Market reporters Jake Stones and Tasmin Chowdhary explore hydrogen’s different uses, the multiple means of extracting it and the barriers which will need to be overcome if we are to successfully integrate it into our future energy mix… 17 March 2020

PODCAST: What does the oil price war mean for LNG, gas and power?
In this extended podcast, ICIS editors analyse the drop in oil prices and the reaction across global LNG and European gas and power markets… 11 March 2020

PODCAST: Coronavirus and the global LNG impact
After the cancellation of CERAWeek in Houston due to concerns over the virus, Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and Americas Editor Ruth Liao discuss the impact on upcoming events and what’s new in the LNG market this week… 05 March 2020

PODCAST: Milford Haven LNG backlog disrupting British gas supply
The UK has recently experienced LNG supply issues at the port of Milford Haven, the location of Dragon and South Hook LNG terminals. ICIS energy reporters Jake Stones and Tasmin Chowdhary discuss why this has caused a problem for supply and what impact it has had at the NBP gas hub… 05 March 2020

PODCAST: US LNG cargo cancellations
Low global LNG spot prices and oversupply have led some buyers to cancel future contractual loadings of US LNG. Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and Americas Editor Ruth Liao discuss the outlook for US LNG and if this could lead to full-scale production shut-ins… 27 February 2020

PODCAST: UK supply issuance suspension lifted as Brexit uncertainty subsides
The European Commission confirmed that the UK’s supply issuance suspension has been lifted as of the start of February. ICIS energy reporters Varoon Kumar and Federica Di Sario discuss carbon market fundamentals, the key features of the plan and the anticipated market reaction… 12 February 2020

PODCAST: Asia spot LNG hits record low as Coronavirus impact continues
Asian spot LNG prices are at record lows with gas demand in China still reduced by the impact of the Coronavirus. Global LNG Editor Ed Cox discusses changes to the ICIS China demand forecast and market news with Senior Analyst Alex Siow and Asia LNG expert Hendrian Sukardi… 12 February 2020

PODCAST: The Coronavirus: driving down gas and LNG demand
The deadly spread of the Coronavirus has hit Chinese gas and LNG demand with extended holidays curbing industrial output. Global LNG Editor Ed Cox and Asia LNG reporter Hendrian Sukardi discuss the extent of the impact on the LNG market in China and globally… 05 February 2020

PODCAST: Will US LNG balance the market in 2020?
Discussion around if and how much US LNG will be shut in this year has been intense recently. But this is a complex area without a simple answer. LNG Editors Ed Cox and Ruth Liao debate the outlook for US LNG in 2020… 30 January 2020

PODCAST: German lignite phase out details finally emerge
A final timeline for lignite capacity closures was unveiled by the German government earlier in the month. ICIS energy reporters Roy Manuell and Tasmin Chowdhary discuss the key points of the plan, the market reaction and next steps for the country’s phase out of coal… 27 January 2020

PODCAST: Iranian oil supply threats not Strait forward
Fears that the Strait of Hormuz, a key chokepoint for oil tankers, could be shut off by Iranian authorities as a form of US retaliation have subsided, although the possibility remains open. ICIS energy reporter Tasmin Chowdhary is joined by global crude editor Sophie Udubasceanu to discuss the importance of the Strait to global oil markets… 17 January 2020

PODCAST: Impact of US-Iran tensions on energy markets
Tensions between the US and Iran are again dominating headlines after the US’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani and Iranian retaliatory action. Market experts Ed Cox and Patrick Sykes discuss the impact on oil and LNG markets… 09 January 2020

PODCAST: Comfortable French hydro stocks rein in prices
Abundant rainfall has allowed French reservoir levels to climb to their highest levels in the past five years. Stocks were nearly three quarters full in week 50, according to grid operator RTE. Market reporters Tasmin Chowdhary and Karolina Zagrodna assess the current impact of hydropower on French winter supply and power prices, amid tightened nuclear supply… 23 December 2020

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