Can China’s LNG demand balance the Asian market?

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On Friday 24 July 2020 at 10:00am BST & 17:00pm SGT, ICIS energy experts cover the volatility of the pandemic disrupting the Asian LNG market. China’s LNG demand has improved over the second quarter, driven by the prospect of competitive spot and contract pricing. The outlook elsewhere in East Asia is more of a concern for LNG sellers, especially in Japan where ICIS forecasts a decline in 2020 LNG demand.

Global LNG Editor Ed Cox, LNG analysts Tom Marzec Manser and Joachim Moxon will present their outlook for LNG pricing, supply and demand in Asia. The webinar will draw on ICIS LNG and gas demand forecasts, and will focus on the challenges that Asian LNG buyers face over the coming winter.

The webinar covered:

  • The curse of COVID-19 – can East Asian winter LNG and gas demand recover?
  • China: LNG’s competition with pipeline gas
  • The role of infrastructure in developing Indian LNG demand
  • Falling Asian oil-indexed LNG contract prices and the spot market

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Meet the experts

Ed Cox

Ed Cox is Global LNG Editor at ICIS, responsible for LNG pricing, news and overall editorial content. Ed has 15 years of experience working in commodity markets, across LNG, gas and petrochemicals.

Ed moved into LNG in 2014 and manages a team of editors and reporters in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Working closely with the growing ICIS LNG analyst team and providing input to new editorial and analyst products are two of Ed’s key current priorities.

Tom Marzec-Manser

Tom Marzec-Manser is a Market Analyst at ICIS who specialises in global LNG demand and Europe’s traded natural gas hubs. He works on the LNG Edge platform which provides pre-trade analysis to market participants.

Over the last 12 years, Tom has focused extensively on the EU’s energy markets, specialising in the development and liberalisation of wholesale gas trade in central and eastern Europe. More recently he has analysed the use of gas in major Asian markets.

Joachim Moxon

Joachim Moxon is a Market Analyst at ICIS, specialising in LNG demand in established and emerging markets across the continent. He is currently working on demand models for countries in south and southeast Asia.

Over the last six years, Joachim has covered market developments in European gas and power and Asian LNG, before moving over to the analyst role in 2020.