ICIS white paper: Qatari LNG sales grow in Middle East as Asia, Europe fall

Qatar, the world’s biggest LNG exporter, is compensating for a decline in demand from its traditional east Asian customers by targeting growth markets in the Middle East and south Asia. During the first ten months of this year deliveries to the Middle East and Turkey of 7.4m tonnes have already risen 47% from 2015 as a whole. Strong demand from Egypt, which has turned from a net exporter of LNG into a net importer to meet rising domestic demand, is one key factor behind the trend.

There has also been a new growth market for Qatar in Pakistan, where deliveries have already reached 1.7m tonnes in the year-to-date. Pakistan should see even greater volumes next year, after long-term contracts between Qatar and Pakistan’s PSO and GEIL were concluded earlier this year.

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