Covid-19 webinar series: Upcoming webinars

Upcoming webinars

Asia Methanol: Managing market volatility and risks

Date: 08 April 2021, Thursday
Time: 11am-12pm Singapore Time (GMT+8)
Methanol markets are seeing significant price volatility with shifts in trade patterns, changes to demand and supply playing a key role in shaping markets. Pandemic-led uncertainties continue to linger, raising questions on prospects for this year. Join ICIS, CME and Ginga for a special webinar to understand how methanol markets function and how to manage risks.

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The European Green Deal: The renewable and emission target paradox

Date: 20 April 2021, Tuesday
Time: 2pm UK time
As part of the European Green Deal, the Commission has proposed raising the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction target to at least -55% compared to 1990, which will create the need for additional renewables.

In this webinar ICIS analysts Matthew Jones, Sebastian Braun, and Florian Rothenberg will present the modelling results and analysis of their upcoming white paper on the Green Deal.

  • How much additional renewable capacity will Europe need to build to reach the new targets?
  • How is demand expected to develop and what does this mean for renewable requirements?
  • What are the trade-offs between subsiding additional renewable capacity vs. relying on the carbon price to drive decarbonisation?
  • Why could ambitious renewable targets lead to increased coal burn?
  • What does the Green Deal mean for carbon and power prices?

Matthew Jones, Senior Analyst, EU Power & Carbon
Sebastian Braun, Senior Analyst, EU Power & Carbon
Florian Rothenberg, Analyst, EU Power & Carbon

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