ENI to investigate further Enimont scandal

Source: ICIS News


MILAN (CNI)--The Italian treasury ministry, the majority shareholder of the energy group ENI, asked the board of directors of the company Thursday to further investigate those allegedly responsible for the collapse of the petrochemical company Enimont, the now defunct joint venture between ENI and Montedison.

At ENI's shareholders meeting Thursday, treasury official Bernardino Libonati put forward a recommendation that the ENI board make further investigations into others that were involved, in addition to the former chairman Gabriele Cagiali and his deputy Alberto Grotti, whose roles in the affair are already under investigation.

The scandal of bribes paid to politicians by Enimont erupted in 1992. Cagliari committed suicide in jail in1993.

The shareholders meeting voted in favour of suing Cagliari's estate and Grotti for liabilities.