Australia SBI recalls 'Panadol' capsules on extortion threat

Author: Wing Gar Cheng


SINGAPORE (CNI)--Australia's SmithKline Beecham International (SBI) Tuesday is recalling from sale its best-selling Panadol paracetamol capsules because it has received a contamination threat.

According to an SBI release, there is no evidence indicating that any Panadol capsule has been tampered with. It could not reveal too many details of the extortion attempt as New South Wales (NSW) police are investigating the case.

"However, a voluntary recall is being undertaken in consultation with NSW police, Therapeutic Goods Administration and NSW health authorities to ensure consumers are not at risk," it added.

The withdrawal applies only to Panadol capsules and not other forms of the same drug.

A similar contamination threat last March targeted another Australian paracetamol maker, Herron Co. Two people were hospitalised after taking Herron tablets, which were later found to be laced with strychnine. Police are still investigating that case and no arrests have been made.