Sweden approves Pfizer's antipsychotic drug 'Zeldox'

Author: Mike Sheridan


HOUSTON (CNI)--Pfizer said Tuesday a rapid-acting intramuscular formulation of its antipsychotic medicine Zeldox has received regulatory approval in Sweden, the lead country in obtaining European Union (EU) approval of the drug.

Sweden's Medicinal Products Agency (MPA) had previously approved an oral formulation of Zeldox, Pfizer said.

Discovered and developed by New York City-based Pfizer, Zeldox is an antipsychotic that is effective in treating the wide range of symptoms associated with schizophrenia.

Pfizer said the action by the MPA completes Sweden's approval of Zeldox. Sweden is the first EU country to make the medicine available.

The company said it expects to introduce both formulations of Zeldox in Sweden in mid-September.