Denmark's Novozymes to acquire US Sybron Biochemicals

Source: ICIS News


HOUSTON (CNI)--Novozymes A/S said Friday it is acquiring Sybron Biochemicals from Sybron Chemicals for an undisclosed sum.

Additional details of the deal were not disclosed.

Said Steen Riisgaard, Novozymes' president and chief executive: "Sybron Biochemicals is a perfect match for our vision to provide environment-friendly biological solutions. As we expand our range to include biological products other than enzymes, we can see a number of potential synergies with our existing business."

Sybron Biochemicals is engaged in the research, production and sale of naturally-occurring microorganisms.

Riisgaard noted that Novozymes has a large database of classified microorganisms that will improve Sybron Biochemicals' opportunities to offer new or more effective microorganisms.

He added: "Novozymes also has extensive knowledge of the fermentation techniques that can optimise Sybron Biochemicals' existing production process. Sybron Biochemicals will also be able to benefit from our extensive international sales and distribution system.''

Headquartered in Denmark, Novozymes A/S is a biotech-based company and the world's largest producer of enzymes for industrial use. Novozymes was spun off from Novo Nordisk A/S in November 2000.