Eastern Europe: Plants and projects


ECN’s plant and project listing includes the major petrochemical producers in the central and east European countries, but excludes Russia and the former CIS. Information has been taken from the ECN/CNI database which is regularly updated by a dedicated team. For further information contact Peter Carter at peter.carter@rbi.co.uk
East European plants
Company Location Product Capacity, ’000 tonne/year
AD Hemijska Industrija Hipol Odzaci, Serbia polypropylene 30
Arpechim Pitesti, Romania ethylene 400
Pitesti, Romania benzene 20
Pitesti, Romania styrene 30
Pitesti, Romania polystyrene 25
Pitesti, Romania hdPE 30
Pitesti, Romania ldPE 80
Basell Orlen Polyolefins Plock, Poland polypropylene 150
Plock, Poland ldPE 165
Carom Onesti, Romania polystyrene 35
Ceska Rafinerska Kralupy, Czech Republic propylene 60
Chemical Co Dwory Oswiecim, Poland styrene 100
Oswiecim, Poland polystyrene 90
Chemopetrol Litvinov, Czech Republic ethylene 510
Litvinov, Czech Republic benzene 175
Litvinov, Czech Republic polypropylene 250
Litvinov, Czech Republic hdPE 320
Deza Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic benzene 150
Dioki dd Zagreb, Croatia ethylene 90
Zagreb, Croatia polystyrene 57
Omisalj, Croatia ldPE 70
Zagreb, Croatia ldPE 85
HIP-PetroHemija Pancevo, Serbia ethylene 200
Pancevo, Serbia propylene 85
Pancevo, Serbia hdPE 60
Pancevo, Serbia ldPE 45
Kaucuk Kralupy, Czech Republic styrene 170
Kralupy, Czech Republic polystyrene 87
Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Burgas, Bulgaria ethylene 280
Burgas, Bulgaria propylene 82
Burgas, Bulgaria benzene 33
Burgas, Bulgaria styrene 40
Burgas, Bulgaria paraxylene 15
Burgas, Bulgaria polystyrene 70
Burgas, Bulgaria polypropylene 80
Burgas, Bulgaria ldPE 85
Mol Szazhalombatta, Hungary benzene 120
Petrobrazi Brazi, Romania ethylene 40
Brazi, Romania propylene 20
Brazi, Romania benzene 90
Brazi, Romania paraxylene 20
Brazi, Romania ldPE 90
Petrochemia Blachownia Spolka Akcyjna Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Poland benzene 130
Petrotel Lukoil Teleajen, Romania ethylene 200
Teleajen, Romania hdPE 60
PKN Orlen Plock, Poland ethylene 380
PKN Orlen (continued) Plock, Poland propylene 130
Plock, Poland benzene 138
Plock, Poland paraxylene 48
Poli-Chem Blachownia, Poland ldPE 20
Rompetrol Navodari, Romania ethylene 200
Navodari, Romania benzene 52
Navodari, Romania paraxylene 20
Navodari, Romania polypropylene 70
Navodari, Romania hdPE 60
Navodari, Romania ldPE 60
SC Rafo Onesti, Romania benzene 95
Slovnaft Bratislava, Slovakia ethylene 210
Bratislava, Slovakia benzene 50
Bratislava, Slovakia polypropylene 70
Bratislava, Slovakia ldPE 170
Tiszai Vegyi Kombinat Tiszaujvaros, Hungary ethylene 360
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary propylene 180
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary polypropylene 280
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary hdPE 210
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary ldPE 115
East European projects
Projects Location Product Capacity,?’000 tonne/year Start up Status
Arpechim Pitesti, Romania ethylene (x)100 post 2005 P
Pitesti, Romania hdPE 120 post 2005 P
Pitesti, Romania polypropylene 150 post 2005 P
Basell Orlen Polyolefins Plock, Poland hdPE 320 Q1 2005 U
Plock, Poland polypropylene 400 Q1 2005 U
Chemopetrol Litvinov, Czech Republic ethylene (x)560T 2006 P
Litvinov, Czech Republic propylene (x)280T 2006 P
Litvinov, Czech Republic benzene (x)65 S
HIP-PetroHemija Pancevo, Serbia ethylene (x)120 S
Pancevo, Serbia hdPE 200 S
Pancevo, Serbia polypropylene 150 S
Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Burgas, Bulgaria lldPE (x) P
Burgas, Bulgaria polypropylene 120 P
PKN Orlen Plock, Poland ethylene (x)280 Q4 2004 U
Plock, Poland propylene (x)445T 2004 U
Plock, Poland benzene 220 Q4 2004 U
Rompetrol Navodari, Romania lldPE S
Navodari, Romania polypropylene (x) S
Sibur Kazincbarcika, Hungary ethylene 500 2009-2010 S
Kazincbarcika, Hungary propylene 250 2009-2010 S
Kazincbarcika, Hungary benzene 2009-2010 S
Kazincbarcika, Hungary styrene 160 2009-2010 S
Kazincbarcika, Hungary polypropylene 200 2009-2010 S
Slovnaft Bratislava, Slovakia ethylene 300 2005 P
Bratislava, Slovakia hdPE 255 2005 P
Bratislava, Slovakia polypropylene 255 2005 U
TVK Tiszaujvaros, Hungary ethylene (x)250 Nov 2004 U
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary ethylene (x)85 2007-08 P
Tiszaujvaros, Hungary hdPE (x)200 Q4 2004
P = planned, U = under construction, S = study, (x)=expansion, T=total capacity including expansion
Source: ECN